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 DAI Mengxue,ZHANG Guangqun,FAN Xumiao,et al.Research progress regarding the ecological distribution and function of dark septate endophytes in stressful environments[J].Chinese Journal of Applied & Environmental Biology,2020,26(03):722-729.[doi:10.19675/j.cnki.1006-687x.2019.07029]





Research progress regarding the ecological distribution and function of dark septate endophytes in stressful environments
云南农业大学资源与环境学院 昆明 650201
DAI Mengxue ZHANG Guangqun FAN Xumiao LI Bo ZHAN Fangdong & HE Yongmei?
College of Resources and Environment, Yunnan Agricultural University, Kunming 650201, China
dark septate endophyte ecological distribution physiology and biochemistry ecological function stress environment
深色有隔内生真菌(dark septate endophytes,DSE)是一类定殖于植物根内的小型真菌,广泛存在各种生境中,其在胁迫生境中的生态分布、生态功能与作用机理是近年来的研究热点. 对DSE的生态分布、胁迫生境DSE的生态功能和DSE真菌增强植物抗逆性的作用机理等方面进行综述. 研究进展表明,从平原低地到热带、温带、冻原及南北极地区,野生植物根部普遍定殖着DSE真菌,尤其在干旱、高温、寒冷、盐害、重金属污染和养分贫瘠等胁迫生境中,DSE真菌的分布更为普遍. 环境胁迫条件下,植物根部共生DSE真菌能够改善植物矿质营养和光合生理、调节植物内源激素平衡、增强植物抗氧化生理,从而促进宿主植物生长、增强植物抗逆能力,以及改变植物对重金属的吸收累积,在植物耐受和适应胁迫环境中起着重要的调节作用. 但这些研究主要从生态现象进行了研究,目前对DSE增强宿主植物抗逆性的作用机理仍很缺乏、不够系统深入. 未来应建立DSE真菌种质资源库,加强DSE真菌的应用技术研究;结合现代生物技术和方法,系统深入研究DSE真菌提高植物抗逆性的生理和分子机制,为利用DSE真菌增强植物适应环境胁迫提供理论依据. (表1 参92)
Dark septate endophytes (DSE) are a group of small fungi that colonize plant roots and are widely found in various habitats. Their ecological distribution, ecological function, and mechanisms of action under stressful environments have been a trending research topic in recent years. In this study, the ecological distribution of DSE, their ecological functions under demanding conditions, and the mechanisms by which they enhance plant stress resistance were reviewed. According to this investigation, DSE commonly colonize the roots of wild plants from lowland plains to tropical, temperate, tundra, arctic, and antarctic regions. These fungi are more commonly distributed in habitats subject to stressors such as drought, high temperature, cold, salt damage, heavy metal pollution, and barren nutrients. Under conditions of environmental stress, DSE in symbiosis with plant roots can improve mineral nutrition and photosynthetic physiology, adjust endogenous hormone balances, and enhance antioxidant physiology in plants. This helps to promote the growth of host plants, enhance their stress resistance, and change how heavy metals are absorbed and accumulated. Therefore, DSE fungi play an important regulating role in tolerance and adaptation to stressful plant environments. However, existing studies are mainly based on ecological phenomena. At present, the understanding of the mechanisms behind how these organisms enhance host plant stress resistance is lacking, with current research not being sufficiently thorough. In the future, a germplasm bank of DSE should be established and the applied technology research relating to DSE should be strengthened. Using modern biotechnology methods, the physiological and molecular mechanisms behind DSE-improved plant stress resistance should be systematically studied in order to provide a theoretical basis for enhancing plant adaptations to environmental stress using DSE.


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