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 JI Shaoze,GOU Changlong,ZHANG Xiqing,et al.Construction and application of a highly efficient complex microbial system to degrade dead-pig carcass in compost and assessment of its efficiency[J].Chinese Journal of Applied & Environmental Biology,2020,26(03):528-533.[doi:10.19675/j.cnki.1006-687x.2019.07007]





Construction and application of a highly efficient complex microbial system to degrade dead-pig carcass in compost and assessment of its efficiency
1吉林农业大学动物科技学院 长春 130118 2中国农业大学动物科技学院 北京 100083
JI Shaoze1 GOU Changlong1 ZHANG Xiqing1 WANG Yu1 TIAN Jiaqi1 LI Chen1 LIU Jijun2 & GAO Yunhang1?
1 College of Animal Science and Technology, Jilin Agricultural University, Changchun 130118, China 2 College of Animal Science and Technology, China Agricultural University, Beijing 100083, China
dead-pig degrading bacteria proteinase lipase complex microbial system
为了缩短堆肥时间、提高堆肥产品质量,从病死猪好氧堆肥样品中筛选能高效降解蛋白质和脂肪的安全菌株,经拮抗验证后构建出病死猪堆肥高效降解复合菌系并进行现场堆肥试验. 结果显示通过分离纯化共获得36株具有尸体降解能力的安全菌株,经酶活性测定复筛出10株具有较高蛋白酶及脂肪酶活性的菌株,对其进行菌种鉴定及菌株间拮抗研究后,混合构建为5组复合菌系,分别为A、B、C、D和E. 通过比较复合菌系的蛋白酶及脂肪酶活性大小,进一步选择优选复合菌系E进行现场堆肥试验,结果表明堆肥期间对照组和接菌各组(2%和4%)最高温度分别达到约56.3、60.8和61.2 ℃;低剂量和高剂量接菌组堆肥温度达到55.0 ℃以上的高温天数均持续约7 d,显著高于对照组的3 d(P < 0.01);堆肥结束时,对照组和接菌各组(2%和4%)降解率分别达到78.7%、97.7%和98.0%. 本研究构建的复合菌系E可有效提高堆肥温度并延长高温维持时间,加速病死猪的降解. (图5 表2 参30)
In order to shorten the composting time and improve the quality of compost products, the strains from dead-pigs composting were screened, and a cultured system was constructed using the strains with high lipase and protease activities. Then, the isolates were mixed after antagonistic verification and inoculated in dead-pigs and sawdust composting at different doses. The results showed a total of 36 bacteria with high dead-pig carcass degrading capacity, out of which ten with higher lipase and protease activities were selected finally. The selected isolates were identified through molecular biology techniques. After studying the antagonism among the strains, the isolates was categorized into five cultured systems as A, B, C, D, and E. Cultured system E with strong protein and lipase activities was further selected for cadaveric composting experiment, and the results showed that during composting, the highest temperatures of the control and inoculation groups (2% and 4%) were 56.3, 60.8, and 61.2 ℃. The composting temperature of the 2% and 4% inoculation group could reach 55.0 ℃. and were maintained at the high temperature for about 7 d, which is significantly higher than those in control (3 d, P < 0.01). At the end of composting, the dead-pig degradation rates of the inoculation groups (0%, 2% and 4%) were 78.7%, 97.7%, and 98.0%, respectively. These results indicate that sufficient amount of inoculation of cultured system E (> 2%) could effectively increase the composting temperature, maintain the high temperature for a longer period of time, and accelerate the degradation of dead-pigs through composting.


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