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 ZHANG Fumei & HOU Rui.Isolation and identification of strain Phlebia acerina MY51 and its decolorization to dyes[J].Chinese Journal of Applied & Environmental Biology,2020,26(02):332-338.[doi:10.19675/j.cnki.1006-687x.2019.05052]





Isolation and identification of strain Phlebia acerina MY51 and its decolorization to dyes
贵州大学林学院 贵阳 550025
ZHANG Fumei & HOU Rui?
College of Forestry, Guizhou University, Guiyang 550025, China
endophytic fungi white rot fungi Phlebia acerina lignin-degrading enzyme decolorization
通过对兔眼蓝莓叶片组织中分离得到的内生真菌MY51进行鉴定和产木质素降解酶活性检测,探讨该菌株对染料的脱色能力. 通过形态学和分子生物学分类法对菌株MY51进行鉴定;对菌株MY51所产3种木质素降解酶酶活曲线进行测定;利用菌株MY51对固体条件下8种染料进行脱色能力的检测,筛选出较易脱色的染料后,以脱色效果较好的染料模拟污水染料,研究菌株MY51在静态条件下对不同浓度固体染料的脱色能力. 结果表明,菌株MY51为白腐真菌——槭射脉革菌(Phlebia acerina),该菌株可以产木质素过氧化物酶、漆酶和锰过氧化物酶等木质素降解酶;且木质素过氧化物酶和锰过氧化物酶活性均在培养第8天达到最大值,分别为11.05、1.21 U/L;漆酶活性在第10天达到最大值18.52 U/L;菌株MY51对不同的染料均有脱色效果,对活性红和活性黑的脱色效果最显著;但染料浓度较高时会对菌株MY51的脱色产生一定抑制作用,脱色15 d后,MY51对质量浓度为10、50、100、250和500 mg/L活性红脱色率分别为98.2%、94.5%、87.8%、88.3%和85.6%;对质量浓度为10、50、100、250和500 mg/L的活性黑脱色率分别为98%、93%、83.3%、74.5%和65.5%. 本研究表明菌株MY51对活性染料具有较好脱色能力,在染料废水处理领域具有一定的应用前景. (图10 参31)
The endophytic fungus MY51 isolated from Vaccinium ashei Reade leaves was identified and the activity of its lignin-degrading enzyme was monitored to explore the decolorizing ability of the strain to dyes. MY51 was identified by morphological and molecular biological classification methods and the activity curves of three lignin-degrading enzymes produced by the MY51 strain were determined. The decolorization ability of MY51 to eight dyes was tested. The dye that was the easiest to be decolorized was screened out and used to simulate sewage dyes. The results showed that MY51 is a white rot fungus Phlebia acerina, which produces lignin-degrading enzymes such as lignin peroxidase, laccase, and manganese peroxidase. The lignin peroxidase and manganese peroxidase activities reached their maximum values, 11.05 U/L and 1.21 U/L, respectively, on the 8th day of culturing and the laccase activity reached its maximum value of 18.52 U/L on the 10th day. MY51 decolorized eight different dyes and had the most significant decolorization effect on reactive red and reactive black. However, higher dye concentration inhibited the decolorization ability of MY51. After 15 days of decolorization, the decolorization rates of 10 mg/L, 50 mg/L, 100 mg/L, 250 mg/L, and 500 mg/L reactive red were 98.2%, 94.5%, 87.8%, 88.3%, and 85.6%, respectively. The decolorization rates of reactive black with mass concentrations of 10 mg/L, 50 mg/L, 100 mg/L, 250 mg/L, and 500 mg/L were 98%, 93%, 83.3%, 74.5%, and 65.5%, respectively. Therefore, MY51 showed good decolorization ability toward reactive dyes and displayed a specific application prospect for dye wastewater treatment.


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