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 YANG Bin,PENG Changhui,**,et al.Effects of drought stress on leaf nitrogen content, rate of photosynthesis, and non-structural carbohydrates in Robinia pseudoacacia L. seedlings[J].Chinese Journal of Applied & Environmental Biology,2019,25(06):1261-1269.[doi:10.19675/j.cnki.1006-687x.2019.03011]





Effects of drought stress on leaf nitrogen content, rate of photosynthesis, and non-structural carbohydrates in Robinia pseudoacacia L. seedlings
1西北农林科技大学林学院生态预测与全球变化研究中心 杨凌 712100 2东北师范大学泥炭沼泽研究所湿地生态与植被恢复国家环境保护重点实验室 长春 130024 3魁北克大学蒙特利尔分校环境科学研究所生物科学系 加拿大蒙特利尔 C3H3P8
YANG Bin1 PENG Changhui1 3** ZHANG Xian1 LIU Weiguo1 DUAN Min1 & WANG Meng2
1 Center for Ecological Forecasting and Global Change, College of Forestry, Northwest A&F University, Yangling 712100, China 2 State Environmental Protection Key Laboratory of Wetland Ecology and Vegetation Restoration, Institute for Peat and Mire Research, Northeast Normal University, Changchun 130024, China 3 Department of Biology Sciences, Institute of Environment Sciences, University of Quebec at Montreal, Montreal C3H3P8, Canada
drought stress Robinia pseudoacacia L. seedling nitrogen content in leaf photosynthetic rate non-structural carbohydrate (NSC)
Q945.78 : S718.45
全球气候变化背景下,极端干旱和持续干旱频发,给中纬度地区的生态系统带来了巨大的影响. 为揭示干旱胁迫的影响机制,采用盆栽试验,分析2年树龄刺槐幼苗(Robinia pseudoacacia L.)叶生物量、氮含量、净光合速率和非结构性碳水化合物(Non-structural carbohydrates,NSC)及组分对不同干旱梯度的响应. 试验包括极度干旱(Extreme drought,ED)、中度干旱(Moderate drought,MD)和对照组3个处理,其盆钵土壤相对含水量分别为田间持水量的10%、30%和70%. 结果表明,在控水后0-30 d期间,ED和MD下槐树幼苗的叶片生物量和光合速率均持续下降,而对照的净光合速率保持平稳,生物量逐渐增多;总非结构性碳水化合物(Total NSC,TNSC)、可溶性糖(Soluble sugars,SS)以及SS与淀粉含量的比值(RSS)变化规律类似,即在ED和MD处理下均呈现先增后减的趋势,而在对照条件下均保持平稳. 叶片淀粉含量与光合速率和生物量干重的变化规律类似. 叶片氮含量在ED处理下下降,MD处理下呈升高趋势,而在对照处理下呈平稳趋势. 叶片TNSC、SS及RSS均与土壤含水量呈显著负相关(P < 0.01),而叶淀粉含量、净光合速率和生物量与土壤含水量呈正相关(P < 0.01). 短期干旱对刺槐幼苗叶片TNSC、SS、淀粉、净光合速率和生物量有显著影响(P < 0.01). 因此,刺槐幼苗可能通过将叶片内临时存储的少量淀粉转化成其直接利用的SS的方式,以维持其正常的新陈代谢等生命活动,抵抗短期内的中度和极端干旱事件. (图5 参67 附图2 附表1)
With global climate change, extreme drought, and continuous drought occur more frequently and have a great impact on ecosystems in the middle latitudes. To reveal the effects of drought stress on nitrogen content, rate of photosynthesis, and the metabolism of non-structural carbohydrates in plant leaves, we conducted an experiment using 2-year-old Robinia pseudoacacia seedlings. We analyzed the changes in the dry biomass of the leaf, nitrogen content, net photosynthetic rate, non-structural carbohydrate (NSC), and other components to different drought conditions. The experiment included three treatments: extreme drought (ED), moderate drought (MD) and the control group. The relative water content of the soil was kept at 10%, 30% and 70% of field capacity for each condition, respectively. The results showed that the leaf dry biomass and net photosynthetic rate (Pn) under ED and MD decreased continuously during the 30-day period after water control. Meanwhile, the net photosynthetic rate remained constant and the leaf dry biomass increased gradually under control conditions. The changes in total non-structural carbohydrates (TNSC), soluble sugars (SS), and the ratio of soluble sugars to starch concentration (RSS) were similar in that they all increased at first and then decreased under ED and MD conditions. However, these factors remained constant under the control conditions. The changes in the starch concentration of the leaves were similar to the changes observed in Pn and the leaf dry biomass. Leaf nitrogen content decreased under ED conditions, increased under MD conditions, and showed a stable trend under control treatment. Leaf TNSC, SS, and RSS were negatively correlated with soil water content (P < 0.01), while leaf starch content, net photosynthetic rate, and dry biomass were positively correlated with soil water content (P < 0.01). Our results showed short-term drought had significant effects on TNSC, SS, starch, net photosynthetic rate, and the leaf dry biomass of R. pseudoacacia seedlings (P < 0.01). Therefore, R. pseudoacacia seedlings may resist moderate and extreme drought events over the short term by converting a small amount of stored starch into soluble sugars to maintain their normal rate of metabolism.


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