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 YANG Fang,WANG Zhenmeng,et al.Dynamic characteristics of non-structural carbohydrates in leaves of six woody plants from an evergreen broad-leaved forest[J].Chinese Journal of Applied & Environmental Biology,2019,25(05):1075-1083.[doi:10.19675/j.cnki.1006-687x.2018.11018]





Dynamic characteristics of non-structural carbohydrates in leaves of six woody plants from an evergreen broad-leaved forest
1成都理工大学环境学院 成都 610059 2中国科学院成都生物研究所,中国科学院山地生态恢复与生物资源利用重点实验室,生态恢复与生物多样性保育四川省重点实验室 成都 610041 3龙溪-虹口国家级自然保护区管理局 成都 611830
YANG Fang1 2 WANG Zhenmeng2 ZHU Dahai3 YANG Xiaocheng1 & XIANG Shuang2**
1 College of Ecology and Environment, Chengdu University of Technology, Chengdu 610059, China 2 CAS Key Laboratory of Mountain Ecological Restoration and Bioresource Utilization & Ecological Restoration and Biodiversity Conservation Key Laboratory of Sichuan Province, Chengdu Institute of Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chengdu 610041, China 3 Longxi-Hongkou National Nature Reserve Administration, Chengdu 611830, China
non-structural carbohydrates (NSC) soluble sugar starch photosynthetic pigment leaf mass per area (LMA) subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest.
植物叶片非结构性碳水化合物(NSC)不仅为植物代谢提供重要能量,还能一定程度上反映植物对外界环境的适应策略. 以亚热带常绿阔叶林林下6种植物:茶(Camellia sinesis)、细枝柃(Eurya loquaiana)、润楠(Machilus pingii)、短刺米槠(Castanopsis carlesii)、大叶山矾(Symplocos grandis)和薄叶山矾(Symplocos anomala)为对象,研究各物种抽枝展叶进程中叶片大小、比叶重(LMA)、光合色素以非结构性碳水化合物及其组分含量的动态变化,分析NSC组分之间及与光合色素与LMA间的相互关系,探讨展叶过程中引起叶片NSC差异的原因. 结果表明:(1)各物种单叶面积随叶片展开而增加直至8月下旬达到最大,为9.20(茶)-40.81 cm2(大叶山矾);而LMA在展叶初期下降后随叶片展开逐步升高,直到次年1月下旬还在持续缓慢增加,因各物种不同,最大值为82.90-152.10 g/m2;光合色素则在展叶进程中逐渐增加,6月下旬达到较高值后在整个夏秋季维持较高的含量,次年1月有所下降. (2)在整个当年生叶片生长进程中,6种植物叶片可溶性糖含量总体上由展叶初期逐渐增加,而淀粉含量随着叶片的生长成熟逐渐降低;各物种NSC含量为87.00(薄叶山矾)-163.35 mg/g(细枝柃),除大叶山矾和薄叶山矾外,NSC含量随着叶片生长进程逐渐增加;(3)各物种可溶性糖含量随着淀粉含量的增加而降低,叶绿素含量随着LMA的增加而显著增加,可溶性糖与LMA具有显著的正相关关系,而淀粉与LMA呈显著负相关(R2 = 0.51-0.86,P < 0.004),表明展叶后期部分淀粉转化为可溶性糖,这与展叶后期林内光资源的可利用性以及植物的生理活动相关. 综上所述,随着展叶进程,非结构性碳水化合物及其组分具有不同的变化规律,一方面与叶片增大增厚进程中的生理活动有关,另一方面也反映了叶片功能属性间的权衡关系,研究结果可为阐明亚热带常绿阔叶林林下木本植物展叶期的碳代谢提供理论基础,亦丰富了森林植物生活史对策理论. (图6 参53)
Non-structural carbohydrates (NSC) in plant leaves not only reflect the carbon supply of the plants but also their adaptation strategies to environmental conditions. Six species of subtropical woody plants from an evergreen broad-leaved forest, including Camellia sineis, Eurya loquaiana, Machilus pingii, Castanopsis carlesii, Symplocos grandis, and Symplocos anomala, were evaluated in this study. Dynamic changes in leaf area, leaf mass per area (LMA), photosynthetic pigment content, and non-structural carbohydrates and their components in leaves at different developmental stages were monitored, and the relationships between these traits were analyzed. The reasons for the differences in NSC among leaves are discussed. (1) During the entire leaf expansion process, individual leaf area increased over time until homeostasis was attained, and maximum values were observed in late August and ranged from 9.20 cm2 (C. sinesis) to 40.81 cm2 (S. grandis). Leaf mass per area decreased during the initial leaf spreading period and then continuously increased until the end of January of the following year. Maximum LMA values varied between different species, and the maximum values ranged between 82.90-152.10 g/m2. Chlorophyll content increased during the entire year. High chlorophyll content was maintained throughout summer and autumn after reaching high values in late June and then slightly decreased in January of the following year. (2) Soluble sugar and NSC contents in the leaves of the six plants showed similar trends and gradually increased from the early stage of leaf expansion through the full expansion stage, whereas starch content presented the opposite trend. NSC content ranged from 87.00 mg/g (S. anomala) to 163.35 mg/g (E. loquaiana) and gradually increased with the leaf growth process, except in S. grandis and S. anomala. (3) Soluble sugar content decreased as starch content increased and was positively correlated with LMA, and chlorophyll content increased as LMA increased, whereas starch content was negatively correlated with LMA (R2 = 0.51-0.86,P < 0.004). This suggests that starch may convert to soluble sugar during the late stage of leaf development, which may be due to light availability and physical activities of the plants in the forest. The aforementioned results demonstrate that NSCs in the leaves of undergrowth plants from an evergreen broad-leaved forest show different dynamic changes and storage characteristics during different leaf development stages. Changes in photosynthetic pigments and LMA were related to NSC accumulation. NSC and the components varied with leaf development stage, which may be related to physical activities during leaf expansion and thickening and may be reflected in trade-off relationships among functional traits. These results provide a theoretical basis for elucidating carbon metabolism during the unfolding stage in subtropical woody species from evergreen broad-leaved forests and expand upon the life history theories of forest plants adapting to the understory environment.


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