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 YI Zhiyong,WANG Qing,YANG Ying,et al.The role of periphyton mats in phosphorous retention in littoral zone of Donghu Lake[J].Chinese Journal of Applied & Environmental Biology,2017,23(05):913-917.[doi:10.3724/SP.J.1145.2016.11018]





The role of periphyton mats in phosphorous retention in littoral zone of Donghu Lake
中南民族大学生命科学学院 武汉 430074
YI Zhiyong WANG Qing YANG Ying CHEN Wei & PEI Guofeng**
College of Life Science, South-Central University for Nationalities, Wuhan 430074, China
periphyton mats phosphorus retention phosphorus forms littoral zone eutrophication ecological restoration
为探究底栖藻垫在浅水富营养化湖泊磷循环中的作用,在为期一年的监测期间中,每月测定东湖沿岸带水生所、武汉大学东门、磨山景区和九女墩4个样点的水体理化指标、底栖藻垫叶绿素a(Chl a)含量,同时采用连续提取法测定各样点底栖藻垫的磷含量及其形态组成. 结果显示:东湖沿岸带底栖藻垫总磷的年均含量约为127 μg/cm2,不同样点之间存在显著性差异;各样点底栖藻垫的总磷含量在春季达到峰值,约为290 μg/cm2,且各样点底栖藻垫的总磷含量有明显的季节性变化,表明东湖沿岸带的底栖藻垫是磷的巨大接收器. 各样点底栖藻垫中无机磷占总磷含量的50%以上;而铁磷在无机磷中含量最高,占总磷含量的30%以上,不同样点底栖藻垫的铁磷含量存在显著性差异. 本研究表明东湖沿岸带底栖藻垫对磷的滞留在水体中磷循环过程起着重要作用,可为浅水富营养化湖泊水生态系统的修复提供理论依据. (图4 表2 参24)
In order to explore the role of periphyton mats in phosphorus cycling of shallow eutrophic lakes, the aquatic environment factors at four sites in littoral zone of Donghu Lake (Institute of Hydrobiology, East Gate of Wuhan University, Moshan, Jiunvdun) were measured monthly during the monitoring period of one year. Chlorophyll a (Chl a) of periphyton mats were also determined at all sites. Meanwhile, phosphorus content and fraction of periphyton mats also measured through sequential extraction method. Results showed that the average annual total phosphorus (TP) content of periphyton mats was about 127 μg/cm2 in Donghu littoral zone, and there were significant differences among different sites. The TP content exhibited obvious seasonal variation and peaked about 290 μg/cm2 in spring at every site, which suggested that periphyton mats were huge receivers of phosphorus in the littoral zone of Donghu Lake. In each fraction of periphyton mats, the inorganic phosphorus (IP) accounted for more than 50% of TP content; while iron phosphorus (Fe-P) content was highest in IP, accounting for more than 30%, and there were significant differences in Fe-P contents of the periphyton mats among different sites. The research suggested that periphyton mats in phosphorus retention played an important role in the phosphorus cycle at the water interface, and provided a theoretical basis for the restoration of aquatic ecosystem in shallow eutrophic lakes.


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 HE Yue,GU Xinyue,CAO Jinxiang,et al.Variation of phosphorus content and composition of benthic algae mat in the mesocosms experiment[J].Chinese Journal of Applied & Environmental Biology,2014,20(05):523.[doi:10.3724/SP.J.1145.2014.07033]

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