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 HU Fang,ZHAO Xuemin,CAI Xinde,et al.Purification Effects of Different Ecological Treatment Systems and Their Combination on Source Water in Southern China[J].Chinese Journal of Applied & Environmental Biology,2012,18(04):635-641.[doi:10.3724/SP.J.1145.2012.00635]





Purification Effects of Different Ecological Treatment Systems and Their Combination on Source Water in Southern China
(1湖南农业大学资源环境学院 长沙 410128)
(2环境保护部华南环境科学研究所 广州 510655)
HU FangZHAO XueminCAI XindeFANG JiandeYAO Ling’aiXU ZhenchengLIU Weifeng
(1Department of Resource and Environment, Hunan Agricultural University, Changsha 410128, China)
(2South China Institute of Environmental Sciences, Ministry of Environmental Protection, Guangzhou 510655, China)
ecological treatment system combination wastewater treatment phytoplankton ecological restoration
于2010年6月(丰水期)和11月(枯水期),对我国南方水源地农村生活污水处理系统(系统Ⅰ)以及农田排水处理系统(系统Ⅱ)的常规污染物和藻类进行调查,分析比较两个系统对常规污染物以及藻类的去除效果. 结果表明,系统Ⅰ出水中的生化需氧量、化学耗氧量、总磷、总氮和悬浮物等指标均符合《国家城镇污水处理厂污染物排放标准》(GB18918-2002)回用水要求,该系统中共监测出浮游植物6门53属74种,系统Ⅰ丰水期对藻类细胞总密度和叶绿素a的去除率分别为87.71%和58.87%,枯水期为95.73%和58.57%;系统Ⅱ出水中的生化需氧量、化学耗氧量、总磷、总氮和氨氮等指标优于《地表水环境质量标准》(GB3838-2002)Ⅳ类水标准,该系统监测出浮游植物6门48属66种,系统Ⅱ丰水期对藻类细胞总密度和叶绿素a的去除率分别为62.43%和72.25%,系统Ⅱ丰水期的藻类处理效果优于枯水期. 对两个系统的水质净化效果进行比较,系统Ⅰ对总氮、藻类细胞密度、叶绿素a的去除效果优于系统Ⅱ,系统Ⅱ对氨氮的去除效果优于系统Ⅰ. 两种生态工程组合系统的水质净化效果明显,能为南方类似水源地污水处理和水生生态态系统恢复提供技术支持. 图3 表2 参33
To study and compare the removal effects on normal pollutants and alga by two ecological systems (Ⅰ used to deal with rural sewage, Ⅱ to farmland drainage) and their combinations, the investigations were carried out in June and November 2010, respectively. The results indicated that the effluent water quality of system Ⅰ reached the reuse standard. Total 6 phylum, 53 genera and 74 species of phytoplankton were identified, and the removal rates of alga and chlorophyll-a were 87.71% and 58.87% in wet season, while 95.73% and 58.57% in dry season. The effluent water quality of system Ⅱ was better than the Ⅳ criteria specified in the Environmental Quality Standards for Surface Water. Total 6 phylum, 48 genera and 66 species of phytoplankton were identified, and the removal rates of alga and chlorophyll-a were 62.43% and 72.25% in wet season, and the effect was much better than that in dry season. The results showed that the removal rates of TN, alga, chlorophyll-a in system Ⅰ were higher than that in system Ⅱ, while the removal rate of NH3-N in the former was lower than that in the latter. Two systems had obvious effects on wastewater purification and could provide technical support for similar wastewater treatment and ecological restoration. Fig 3, Tab 2, Ref 33


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