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 YING Xinghua,OUYANG Younan,XU Xia,et al.Effect of Triazophos Degradation on Chlorophyll Content in Rice (Oryza sativa L.) and Their Correlation Study[J].Chinese Journal of Applied & Environmental Biology,2011,17(02):211-214.[doi:10.3724/SP.J.1145.2011.00211]





Effect of Triazophos Degradation on Chlorophyll Content in Rice (Oryza sativa L.) and Their Correlation Study
应兴华 欧阳由男 徐霞 朱智伟 陈铭学 王磊 闵捷
(中国水稻研究所,1农业部稻米及制品质量监督检验测试中心,2稻作技术研究与发展中心,3水稻科学技术信息中心 杭州 310006)
YING Xinghua OUYANG Younan XU Xia ZHU Zhiwei CHEN Mingxue WANG Lei MIN Jie
(1Rice Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, Ministry of Agriculture, 2Research and Development Center of Rice Production Technology, 3Rice Science and Technology Information Center, China National Rice Research Institute, Hangzhou 310006, China)
triazophos degradation rice (Oryza sativa L.) chlorophyll correlation
S511.01 : S482.33
(2 250 mL hm-2、4 500 mL hm-2)后水稻叶绿素含量动态变化及其相关性. 结果表明,喷施三唑磷对水稻叶绿素含量产生了影响,其效应随施药浓度增加而增大. 三唑磷对叶绿素作用的时效在品种间存在差异,内2优6号和秀水09分别为<20 d和>20 d,具体表现为施药后d 1,所有水稻品种的喷施处理与对照无显著性差异,施药后d 3~14,与对照相比内2优6号和秀水09分别表现为显著降低和增加,施药后d 21,则分别表现为不显著和显著增加. 三唑磷降解率与叶绿素含量变化率之间总体存在相关性,但品种间存在显著差异,内2优6号和秀水09分别呈现负相关和正相关趋势. 图1 表2 参21
Field experiments were conducted to study the effect of triazophos degradation on chlorophyll content, and the correlation between triazophos degradation ratio and change ratio of chlorophyll content in leaves of two rice varieties (Nei2you6, Xiushui09), which were treated with triazophos at two concentrations (2 250 mL hm-2 and 4 500 mL hm-2) at previously ripening stage. The results showed that triazophos affected chlorophyll content and its effect increased with the increasing of triazophos concentration. The time effect of triazophos on chlorophyll content was different between Nei2you6 (<20 d) and Xiushui09 (>20 d). Triazophos caused significant variation in chlorophyll content between the two varieties with time. The chlorophyll content of the two varieties treated with triazophos did not statistically show significant difference against CK (P<0.05) after spraying triazophos. During the period from day 3 to 14 after spraying, the chlorophyll content decreased in Nei2you6, but increased in Xiushui09 compared with the CK (P<0.05) respectively. The chlorophyll content in Nei2you6 and Xiushui09 did not change significantly and increased significantly compared with CK (P<0.05) at day 21 after triazophos was sprayed. Generally, triazophos degradation ratio was correlated with change ratio of chlorophyll content, but the correlation was significantly different between the two varieties, that is, negative correlation existed for Nei2you6 and positive for Xiushui09. Fig 1, Tab 2, Ref 21


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