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 ZHANG Aiqun,HE Liyuan,ZHAO Huie,et al.Effects of Phosphorus Deficiency and Al toxicity on Biological and Nutrient Characteristics of Maize Seedlings[J].Chinese Journal of Applied & Environmental Biology,2009,15(01):48-52.[doi:10.3724/SP.J.1145.2009.00048]





Effects of Phosphorus Deficiency and Al toxicity on Biological and Nutrient Characteristics of Maize Seedlings
1华中农业大学资源与环境学院 武汉 430070; 2孝感学院生命科学与技术学院 孝感 432100
3中国热带农业科学院香料饮料研究所 万宁 571533
ZHANG Aiqun HE Liyuan ZHAO Hui’e YANG Jianfeng WU Zhaohui LI Shuyan
1College of Resource and Environment Sciences of Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan 430070, China
2College of Plant Science and Technology of Xiaogan University, Xiaogan 432100, Hubei, China
3Institute of Spice and Beverage, Chinese Academy of Tropical Agriculture Science, Wanning 571533, Hainan, China
maize low P genotypic difference mutrient
S513.01 : Q978.45
采用盆栽试验系统研究了不同酸、磷处理下玉米自交系苗期生物学及营养学特性. 结果表明,低磷和酸铝严重
抑制玉米植株的生长,低磷胁迫下植株干重受影响较大,酸铝对下部叶叶色和干重影响显著. 低磷处理抑制玉米植株
对K、Ca的吸收,酸铝胁迫使各自交系P、K、Ca、Mg含量显著下降,加磷可缓解酸铝对玉米生长的毒害作用. 不同自交
系之间存在耐低磷和耐酸铝基因型差异,并且耐低磷和耐酸铝之间存在一定的关系. 自交系M12属于酸铝低磷双敏感
类型;耐酸铝自交系,如M02和M08同样耐低磷,耐低磷自交系M01也较耐酸铝,为双耐基因型. 表5 参15
Aluminum (Al) toxicity and phosphorus (P) deficiency often coexist in acid soils that severely limit crop growth and
production, including maize. A series of pots were used to study the characteristics of growth and uptake of various nutrient elements at maize seedling stage under different acid and P treatments. The results demonstrated that P deficiency and acid stress severely hindered the growing of maize. P deficiency had a negative influence on biological traits, especially on plant dry matter weight. The low P severely affected the absorbing of K and Ca. The stresses of acid and aluminum could significantly decrease the absorbing of P, K, Ca and Mg. P addition significantly increased Al tolerance in all genotypes differing in acid tolerance. It was also found that there were some relationships between low-P tolerance and acid tolerance. M12 is a sensitive line to both acid-aluminum stress and low P stress. The acid and aluminum tolerant lines M02 and M08 showed the same tolerance to low P, whereas the low P tolerant line M01 had tolerance to acid and aluminum stresses to some extend, and they are the tolerant lines to the both stresses. Tab 5, Ref 15


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