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[1]徐小萍,陈晓慧,吕科良,等.龙眼漆酶家族成员全基因组结构与功能分析[J].应用与环境生物学报,2018,24(04):833-844.[doi: 10.19675/j.cnki.1006-687x.2017.09047]
 XU Xiaoping,CHEN Xiaohui,L? Keliang,et al.Genome-wide identification and function analysis of the Laccase gene family in Dimocarpus longan Lour.[J].Chinese Journal of Applied & Environmental Biology,2018,24(04):833-844.[doi: 10.19675/j.cnki.1006-687x.2017.09047]





Genome-wide identification and function analysis of the Laccase gene family in Dimocarpus longan Lour.
徐小萍陈晓慧吕科良陈 旭陈裕坤林玉玲赖钟雄
福建农林大学园艺植物生物工程研究所 福州 350002
XU Xiaoping CHEN Xiaohui L? Keliang CHEN Xu CHEN Yukun LIN Yuling & LAI Zhongxiong**
Institute of Horticultural Biotechnology, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, Fuzhou 350002, China
为了解龙眼漆酶(DlLAC)家族的生物学功能采用生物信息学分析方法进行龙眼基因组LAC基因成员鉴定蛋白结构域及特性、启动子顺式作用元件、分子进化树分析、体胚发生过程和组织器官特异表达的FPKM分析以及可能互作的miRNA预测. 结果显示:DlLAC家族基因包含42个基因成员分为7大类基因家族成员内含子数量1-8个不等以5个为主其中DlLAC15-1中存在600 bp短串联重复序列DlLAC蛋白结构域共存在5种类型均属于铜蓝蛋白以3个铜蓝氧化酶结构域为主DlLAC蛋白均为分泌型蛋白亚细
Dimocarpus longan Lour. Laccase family gene identification functional analysis miRNA prediction.
为了解龙眼漆酶(DlLAC)家族的生物学功能,采用生物信息学分析方法进行龙眼基因组LAC基因成员鉴定,蛋白结构域及特性、启动子顺式作用元件、分子进化树分析、体胚发生过程和组织器官特异表达的FPKM分析以及可能互作的miRNA预测. 结果显示:DlLAC家族基因包含42个基因成员,分为7大类;基因家族成员内含子数量1-8个不等,以5个为主,其中DlLAC15-1中存在600 bp短串联重复序列;DlLAC蛋白结构域共存在5种类型,均属于铜蓝蛋白,以3个铜蓝氧化酶结构域为主;DlLAC蛋白均为分泌型蛋白,亚细胞定位预测在胞外,包含2个以上糖基化位点,具有多个保守的motif;5端调控序列预测分析,DlLAC可能具有多个转录起始位点;DlLACp启动子序列均包含大量非生物胁迫应激响应元件、胚乳特异表达元件及MYB结合位点,推测MYB可能通过DlLAC进而调控龙眼胚胎发育. DlLAC9-1p、DlLAC12p、DlLAC17-2p含黄酮类化合物合成调控的MYB结合位点,可能参与龙眼生长发育过程中种子成熟和果皮成色的色素合成途径;DlLAC家族成员可能参与不同体胚发育过程和不同组织器官形态建成. 42个龙眼漆酶成员共有28个受miRNA调控,13个成员受miR397调控,可能与木质素合成相关,8个成员受miR1535调控. 非miR397调控的成员可能发挥其他重要的生物学功能. 本研究表明,DlLAC家族成员在龙眼生长发育过程中除了参与木质素合成以外,还可能参与胚胎发育、胚乳发育、色素合成、组织器官特异表达等重要生物学功能,表现其功能上的多样性. (图9 表2 参38)
To investigate the biological function of the Laccase (DlLAC) gene family in Dimocarpus longan Lour., the DlLAC gene family members were identified. Additionally, the gene structure, protein domain, transcription start site, cis-acting element of promoter, phylogenetic trees, and FPKM analysis of somatic embryogenic cultures at different developmental stages and in different tissues or organs of longan that possibly interacted with miRNAs in the longan genome were predicted by bioinformatic analysis. The possible biological functions of DlLAC were analyzed in longan. In total, 42 members of the DlLAC gene family were identified in 7 groups. The gene structure analysis indicated that the number of introns in the DlLAC gene family ranged from 1 to 8, with the majority being 5, and only DlLAC15-1 contained 600 base pairs short tandem repeats. The conserved domains of proteins were divided into five types, all of which belonged to the covelline albumen family, and contained 1–5 protein domains and three predominant copper blue oxidase domains. DlLAC proteins belonged to the secretory pathway, had subcellular localization in the outer cell, and contained more than two glycosylation sites and multiple conserved motifs. The transcription start site and cis-acting elements predicted that the Laccase gene family might have multiple transcription start sites. The cis-acting elements of the promoter contained many abiotic stress response elements, endosperm-specific expression response elements, and MYB binding sites, which suggest that MYB should probably regulate the development of longan embryos through DlLAC. DlLAC9-1p, DlLAC12p, and DlLAC17-2p contained MYB binding sites that regulated the synthesis of flavonoid compounds, which suggested that the process of seed ripening and fruit color formation might be influenced during the process of longan growth and development. Members of the DlLAC gene family might be involved in the development of somatic embryos and the morphogenesis of different tissues and organs. A total of 30 longan Laccase sequences were likely to be regulated by miRNAs, 13 of which were mainly regulated by miR397 and might be associated with lignin synthesis, rather than members of miR397 regulation that might play other important biological functions. DlLAC gene family members might be involved in lignin biosynthesis, as well as the development of somatic embryos, different tissues, endosperm development, pigment synthesis, and other important biological functions during the growth and development of longan, showing their diverse functions.


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