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[1]冯顺利 徐 辉 李欣然 周火祥 乔代蓉 曹 毅.产油真菌利用甘薯淀粉酶解液发酵的条件优化[J].应用与环境生物学报,2016,22(02):213-218.[doi:10.3724/SP.J.1145.2015.07042]
 FENG Shunli,XU Hui,LI Xinran,et al.Optimization of fermentation conditions for lipid production by fungus withsweet potato starch hydrolysates*[J].Chinese Journal of Applied & Environmental Biology,2016,22(02):213-218.[doi:10.3724/SP.J.1145.2015.07042]





Optimization of fermentation conditions for lipid production by fungus withsweet potato starch hydrolysates*
冯顺利 徐 辉 李欣然 周火祥 乔代蓉 曹 毅
四川大学生命科学学院微生物与代谢工程四川省重点实验室 成都 610065
FENG Shunli XU Hui LI Xinran ZHOU Huoxiang QIAO Dairong & CAO Yi**
Microbiology and Metabolic Engineering Key Laboratory of Sichuan Province, College of Life Sciences, Sichuan University, Chengdu 610065, China
Gibberella intermedia sweet potato starch microbial oil fermentation condition optimization
Q939.9 : TK6
为降低微生物发酵产油成本,利用甘薯粗淀粉酶解液为碳源,从10株产油霉菌中筛选到一株能充分利用淀粉糖的菌株(S-1),经5.8S rDNA-ITS序列分析,鉴定其为赤霉菌(Gibberella intermedia). 菌株S-1的初始生物量、油脂含量和油脂产量分别是15.82 g/L、31.51%和4.98 g/L,通过单因素和正交试验优化后分别提高到21.67 g/L、39.87%和8.64g/L,与优化前相比,油脂产量提高了73.5%. 利用GC-MS对发酵提取后的油脂进行脂肪酸成分分析,主要成分为棕榈酸、亚油酸、油酸,与植物油相似,适用于生物柴油的生产,且不饱和脂肪酸含量达89.82%. 本研究表明菌株S-1能够充分利用淀粉酶解液发酵产油,是生物柴油生产的潜在菌株. (图4 表3 参24)
Microbial oil is a potential raw material for biodiesel. In order to reduce the cost of microbial lipid production, it isnecessary to screen high oil producing strain that can make full use of sweet potato starch sugar and optimize the fermentationconditions. In the present study, the strain named Gibberella intermedia (S-1) identified by 5.8S rDNA-ITS sequence wasscreened by using sweet potato starch sugar as carbon source. To optimize the medium composition and fermentationconditions for lipid production by the strain S-1, experiments with single factor and orthogonal test were conducted. The strainS-1 had an initial biomass of 15.82 g/L, lipid content of 31.51% and lipid yield of 4.98 g/L, which increased to 21.67 g/L,39.87% and 8.64 g/L, respectively, after optimization by single factor and orthogonal test. The lipid composition of the strainS-1 was determined by GC-MS. The results showed that the oil similar to vegetable oil, with 89.82% of it unsaturated fattyacid; the main contents were palmitic acid, oleic acid and linoleic acid, suitable to produce biodiesel. This research thereforesuggested that the strain S-1 is able to take full advantage of the relatively cheap raw materials for microbial oil production andis a potential strain for biodiesel production.


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 WANG Wei,WU Yaohui,LI Jilie & YAO Yuefei.Enhanced gibberellic acid production through the regulation of temperature in batch fermentation[J].Chinese Journal of Applied & Environmental Biology,2017,23(02):432.[doi:2016.07046]

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