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 WU Wenjie,QIAN Lianwen.Effects of aluminum stress on ultrastructure of root plastid in evergreen poplar[J].Chinese Journal of Applied & Environmental Biology,2015,21(06):1044-1048.[doi:10.3724/SP.J.1145.2015.04002]





Effects of aluminum stress on ultrastructure of root plastid in evergreen poplar
吴文杰 钱莲文
1泉州师范学院化学与生命科学学院 泉州 362000 2泉州师范学院资源与环境科学学院 泉州 362000
WU Wenjie QIAN Lianwen
1College of Chemistry and Life Science, Quanzhou Normal university, Quanzhou 362000, China 2College of Resources and Environment Science, Quanzhou Normal University, Quanzhou 362000, China
evergreen poplar aluminum stress plastid ultrastructure black disc plate
Q945.78 : Q944.54
以常绿杨树(Populus × euramericana cv. A-61/186)根尖为材料,用铝浓度分别为0.074、0.222、0.370、0.518、0.666 mmol L-1的营养液培养杨树扦插苗30 d、60 d、90 d,利用透射电子显微技术观察杨树根尖伸长区细胞内质体铝中毒敏感性的超微形态特征. 结果显示,铝浓度0.518 mmol L–1胁迫时间30-60 d,质体肿胀且着色深,外形圆形或椭圆形,大而明显,其内部的淀粉粒趋向消失,质体形状呈大型“黑碟盘”(Black disc plate)状;质体敏感中毒铝浓度比细胞壁高. 本研究发现并命名的“黑碟盘”质体敏感铝毒超微形态名词,作为耐铝毒细胞器鉴定指标的参考,有待在不同的耐铝杨树品种上进一步验证,可为今后的耐铝杨树品种研究提供基础资料.
In order to understand the effects of aluminum stress on root plasmids of elongation zone, this research investigated the ultrastructures of root plastid in evergreen poplar (Populus × euramericana cv. A-61/186) in hydroponics under aluminum stress concentrations of 0.074, 0.222, 0.370, 0.518 and 0.666 mmol L–1. The ultrastructures of root plastid were observed by using transmission electron microscopy on the 30 d, 60 d and 90 d respectively. The results indicated obvious damage, to the root plastid under aluminum stress, in which the concentration of the aluminum stress and stress time were negatively correlated. The poisoning structure for neutral stress (0.518 mmol L-1, 30–60 d)was a large “black disc plate” shape taken by the plastid. The sensitive and toxic aluminum concentrations were higher for plastid than the cell wall. This study discovered for the first time plastid ultrastrutures sensitive to aluminum toxicity and named them as “black disc plate”, which may be a reference indicator for appraisal of aluminum tolerant organelles after validation in different aluminum resistant poplar varieties. The results also provide basic information for future study of aluminum-tolerant varieties of poplar.


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