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 SHUI Zongxia,QIN Han,Wu Bo,et al.From raw materials to products: research progress in bio-based succinic acid[J].Chinese Journal of Applied & Environmental Biology,2015,21(01):10-21.[doi:10.3724/SP.J.1145.2014.07024]





From raw materials to products: research progress in bio-based succinic acid
税宗霞 秦晗 吴波 谭芙蓉 王景丽 何明雄
1农业部沼气科学研究所,生物质能技术研究中心 成都 610041 2农业部农村可再生能源开发与利用重点实验室 成都 610041
SHUI Zongxia QIN Han Wu Bo TAN Furong WANG Jingli HE Mingxiong
1Biomass Energy Technology Research Centre, Biogas Institute of Ministry of Agriculture, Chengdu 610041, China 2Key Laboratory of Development and Application of Rural Renewable Energy, Ministry of Agriculture, Chengdu 610041, China
succinic acid metabolic engineering ARTPgenome shuffling in situ separation
丁二酸作为一种重要的有机化工原料及中间体,广泛用于生物高分子、食品与医药等行业,市场潜在需求量巨大;同时作为一种优秀的C4平台化合物,被认为是未来12种最具发展前景的生物炼制产品之一. 近年来随着石化资源的日益枯竭及环境污染问题的日益严峻,以生物质为原料生产丁二酸等生物基产品的研究备受国内外研究者的关注. 本文从产丁二酸菌种的种类及常见菌株产丁二酸的代谢途径、产丁二酸工程菌的改造、丁二酸发酵过程控制与优化、丁二酸的分离提取工艺等4个方面综述近年来国内外生物基丁二酸研究进展,其中以产丁二酸工程菌的改造为重点展开详细阐述. 为提高菌株产丁二酸的能力,研究者们常采用代谢工程技术改造菌株,皆取得显著效果. 近来也出现了利用ARTP法和基因组重排技术选育高产丁二酸的菌株. 此外,高效的丁二酸发酵与其发酵原料,发酵过程中相关控制因素如pH、CO2和H2浓度以及发酵方式密切相关;相比其他的丁二酸分离法,原位分离法回收丁二酸具备优势. 最后对产丁二酸菌种的改造进行展望,认为利用适应性进化和最小基因组等技术筛选优良丁二酸生产菌是未来的趋势.
Succinic acid is regarded as an organic chemical raw material and intermediate, which has huge potentials in biopolymer, food, and medicine applications. Meanwhile, succinic acid is an excellent C4 platform chemical and has been evaluated to be one of the top 12 value-added chemicals from biomass by the US Department of Energy. In recent years, with the increasing depletion of fossil resources and other environmental pollution problems, researchers paid more and more attention on production of succinic acid from biomass feedstocks. This article reviews the recent research progress on the production of succinic acid by microbial fermentation, including the species and metabolic pathways of the main succinic-acid-producing microbes, the progress of genetic engineering strategy and metabolic engineering technology for construction of succinic acid producing strains, the fermentation process control and optimization, and extraction process of succinic acid, with emphasis on the second part. In order to improve the ability of the strains to produce succinic acid, researchers genetically engineered these strains and made some achievements so far. Recently, APTR and genome shuffling are also used to breed succinic acid producing strains. In addition, efficient production of succinic acid is closely related to the raw materials and relevant control factors such as pH, the concentration of H2 and CO2, as well as fermentative modes. Among the succinic acid production methods in situ separation has significant superiority in extracting succinic. Finally, this paper also forecasts achieving a cost-effective process for bio-succinic acid production, and?a?trend?to screen excellent succinic acid producing strains by adaptive evolutionary and minimal genome technology in the future.


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