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[1]姚蓉,A. J. L. Macario,E. Conway de Macario.马氏甲烷八叠球菌S-6的一个染色体区段的表达、序列分析和结构分析[J].应用与环境生物学报,1996,2(01):67-78.
 R. Yao,A. J. L. Macario,E. Conway de Macario.EXPRESSION,SEQUENCING AND STRUCTURE ANALYSIS OF A CHROMOSOMAL REGION OF METHANOSARCINA MAZEI S-6[J].Chinese Journal of Applied & Environmental Biology,1996,2(01):67-78.





姚蓉1 A. J. L. Macario2 E. Conway de Macario2
1. Wadsworth Cester for Laboratories, Research, New York State Department of Health;
2. Department of Biomedical Sciences, School of Public Health, the University at Albang, Albany, New York 12201-0509, USA
R. Yao A. J. L. Macario E. Conway de Macario
1. Wadsworth Cester for Laboratories, Research, New York State Department of Health;
2. Department of Biomedical Sciences, School of Public Health, the University at Albang, Albany, New York 12201-0509, USA
古细菌Methanosarcina mazei表达DNA序列分析DNA结构分析Southern杂交分析蔗糖梯度亚结构
archaebacteriaMethanosarcina mazeiDAN sequencingsequence analysisSouthern blot analysissucrose ultrastructure fractionation
用一组多克隆抗体对马氏甲烷八叠球菌(Methanosarcina mazei)S-6菌株的基因组DNA文库进行了筛选。仅选出p60A克隆能对马氏甲烷八叠球菌中可发生细胞形态学变化菌株的抗血清发生阳性反应。对p60A克隆的双链DNA进行了序列分析。识别出一开式阅读框架(open reading frame P,ORF P).表达的蛋白是ORFP编码的蛋白的3倍,并得到ORFP蛋白的三聚体,在SDS-PAGE中表现出整体蛋白的迁移行为。同时,此表达蛋白抗10%SDS,6mol/L尿素及热处理。基因结构分析表明,ORFP具有与M.barkri mcr A有同源性的核糖体结合位点和一个与甲烷细菌启动子共有序列相似度达77%的启动子序列。使用参照序列分析表明,由ORFP演绎的氨基酸序列,具有高密度的带电荷的氨基酸和占优势的β-层迭构型。对此表达蛋白作了Neurosrora crassa的porin蛋白抗血清试验,以研究其可能功能。检验了M.mazei S-6细胞的蔗糖梯度制备物,对此原细胞中的ORFP蛋白作了定位。结果表明,ORFP蛋白可能是一种古细菌Porin,其在M.mazei S-6中的表达,可能象大肠杆菌那样与渗透压调节有关。
Methanosarcina mazei S-6 genomic DNA library was screened using a panel of polyclonal antibodies. The clone, termed p60A,reacted only to antiserum against Methanosarcina strains which undergo morphology conversion was chosen for this study. Both DNA strands or clone p60A were sequenced. An open readins frame P (ORF P)was identified. The size of expressed protein is three times as much as that of ORF P. which is confirmed by subeloning and expression of ORF P. The result showed that the expressed protein is a trimer of ORF P protein which has an assedated migration behavior on SDS-PAGE. Also,the expressed protein was resistant to 10% SDS, 6 mol/L urea and heat treatments. The gene structure analysis revealed that ORF P has a putative ribosome binding site homologous to that of M. barkeri mcr A,and a promoter sequence which showed 77 % sequence similarity to promoter consensus sequence of methanogen. The deduced amino acid sequence of ORF P was analyzed with reference sequences, and showed high density of charged amino acids and predominant β-configuration. The expressed protein was tested with antiserum against Neurospora crassa porin to demonstrate its possible function. Sucrose gradient preparations of M. mazei S-6 cells were tacted tolocalize ORF P protein in native cells. The results suggested that ORF P protein is a possible archaebecterial porin and its expression in M. mazei S-6 may be involved in osmotic regulation similar to that in E. coli.


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 WANG Zhenyu,YU Tao,ZHANG Yu,et al.Comparison of Eubacteria and Archaea Richness in Anoxic Treatment System for Oilfield-produced Wastewater[J].Chinese Journal of Applied & Environmental Biology,2009,15(01):519.[doi:10.3724/SP.J.1145.2009.00519]


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