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Effects of Cu2+ or Cd2+ stress on photosynthetic pigment and photosynthetic fluorescence characteristics of Potamogeton malaianus(PDF)

Chinese Journal of Applied & Environmental Biology[ISSN:1006-687X/CN:51-1482/Q]

2019 03
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Effects of Cu2+ or Cd2+ stress on photosynthetic pigment and photosynthetic fluorescence characteristics of Potamogeton malaianus
GAO Guiqing1 2 JIAN Minfei3 LU Long1** JI Yong2 WANG Xianglian2 WANG Yan2 & WANG Xueru2
1 School of Resource Environment and Chemical Engineering, Nanchang University, Nanchang 330031, China 2 School of Civil and Architecture Engineering, Nanchang Institute of Technology, Nanchang 330099, China 3 College of Life Sciences, Jiangxi Normal University, Nanchang 330022, China
Potamogeton malaianus heavy metal stress photosynthetic pigment photosynthetic fluorescence fluorescence imaging

For a comprehensive study of the effects of different heavy metals on plant photosynthetic pigments and photosynthetic fluorescence characteristics, Potamogeton malaianus was selected as experimental material. Potamogeton malaianus was subjected to six separate concentration levels of Cu2+ or Cd2+. Photosynthetic pigments were determined by acetone extraction. Fluorescence parameters were detected by an underwater fluorometer in situ. The total chlorophyll (Ct), chlorophyll a (Ca), chlorophyll b (Cb), and carotenoid (Cc) decreased significantly (P < 0.01) with the increase of Cu2+ or Cd2+ concentrations. The toxic effect of Cu2+ stress on chloroplasts was greater than that of Cd2+. Moreover, the maximum photochemical efficiency Fv/Fm, potential photochemical efficiency Fv/Fo, effective quantum yield Y(II) and photochemical quenching coefficient qP also showed a significant downward trend (P < 0.01), and the effect of Cu2+ stress was more highly significant. Under Cu2+ treatment, regulated energy dissipation quantum yield Y(NPQ) and the non-photochemical quenching coefficient qN first increased and then decreased. Under Cd2+ treatment, both Y(NPQ) and qN exhibited a highly significant upward trend (P < 0.01). The difference between non-regulated energy dissipation quantum yield Y(NO) in each treatment group was not significant. The relative electron transfer rate ETR decreased more under Cu2+ treatment. Under the treatment of 0.5 mg/L Cu2+, the photosynthesis pigment content, Fv/Fm, Fv/Fo, Y(II), and ETR of P. malaianus were significantly lower than that of the control group. Under the treatment of 0.5 mg/L and 1.0 mg/L Cd2+, P. malaianus had normal photosynthetic activity. Fluorescence imaging showed that the damage began at the edge of the leaves, and the resistance of the veins to heavy metals was stronger than that of the mesophyll. Under the same treatment concentration, the degree of damage of Cu2+ treatment on the leaves was greater than that of Cd2+ treatment. P. malaianus was more resistant to Cd2+ than Cu2+. It can be suggested that P. malaianus be used as a repairing species in low-concentration Cd2+ contaminated waters.


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