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Characteristics of soil properties and fractal dimensions of destroyed and naturally restored forest land under flood disaster disturbance(PDF)

Chinese Journal of Applied & Environmental Biology[ISSN:1006-687X/CN:51-1482/Q]

2019 01
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Characteristics of soil properties and fractal dimensions of destroyed and naturally restored forest land under flood disaster disturbance
LUO Qinghu1 2 WU Jianzhao1 2 CUI Yu1 2 SUN Fan1 2 LIN Yongming1 2** WAN Daojie3 & WU Chengzhen1 4
1 College of Forestry, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, Fuzhou 350002, China 2 Key Laboratory for Forest Ecosystem Process and Management of Fujian Province, Fuzhou 350002, China 3 Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Ministry of Water Conservancy, Chengdu 610041, China 4 College of Ecology and Resources Engineering, Wuyi University, Nanping 354300, China
flood disaster forest soil fractal dimension physicochemical property vegetation restoration

Three different kinds of naturally restored forest land (bamboo forest, Chinese fir forest, and secondary broad-leaved forest) destroyed by major floods were selected for the determination of soil basic characters (physical properties, including soil particle composition and content of main nutrient components) with undestroyed forest land as a control. The fractal dimension D was calculated by using fractal theory. The relationship between fractal dimension and soil basic characters was discussed. The following results were noted: (1) Silt content comprised the largest proportion of the three kinds of forest soil. Fractal dimension ranged between 2.58 and 2.70. The fractal dimension of 0–10-cm soil layer was in the order of bamboo forest > Chinese fir forest > secondary broad-leaved forest and destroyed and naturally restored forest land > undestroyed forest land. Significant differences were observed between the naturally restored broadleaved forest and undestroyed forest land. (2) The soil bulk densities of the bamboo and secondary broadleaved forests showed that the naturally restored forest land was significantly larger than the undestroyed forest land, while the soil moisture content, capillary holding capacity, non-capillary porosity, and total porosity showed the opposite trend. No significant difference was observed in the physical characteristics of the Chinese fir forest under the two conditions. The soil nutrient content of each forest type decreased with increasing soil depth; thus, the naturally restored forest land had significantly lower soil nutrient content than the undestroyed forest land. The overall recovery status showed the following order: Chinese fir forest > secondary broad-leaved forest > bamboo forest. (3) Significant positive correlations were observed between soil fractal dimension and soil clay content, soil bulk density, and significant negative correlations were observed between soil fractal dimensions and organic matter, total nitrogen, soil water content, capillary water holding capacity, non-capillary porosity, and total capillary porosity. Therefore, a fractal dimension can objectively characterize the characteristics of soil structure and soil nutrients. The soil conditions of the destroyed and naturally restored forest lands have not yet reached the level of undestroyed forest land. With regard to the poor condition of the naturally restored bamboo forests, artificial afforestation can be properly carried out to optimize the community structure, thus improving soil conditions and promoting the recovery process of destroyed vegetation under disasters.


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