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Spartina alterniflora morphological plasticity and biomass allocation in response to tidal gradient change in Mindong coastal wetlands(PDF)

Chinese Journal of Applied & Environmental Biology[ISSN:1006-687X/CN:51-1482/Q]

2014 05
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Spartina alterniflora morphological plasticity and biomass allocation in response to tidal gradient change in Mindong coastal wetlands
TAN Yong HE Dongjin YOU Weibin WANG Ren CAI Jinbiao WANG Peng ZHAO Lili YAN Jingyu XIAO Shihong
1Forestry College, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University, Fuzhou 350002, China
2Forestry Bureau of Fuding, Fuding 355200, China
3Forestry Bureau of Xiapu, Xiapu 355100, China
4 Forestry Bureau of Ningde, Ningde 352100, China
Spartina alterniflora tide level gradient morphological plasticity ecological strategy Mindong coastal wetlands
Q948.11 : S451

Spartina alterniflora is a world-wide notorious invasive species that has colonized large areas in coastal China since it was introduced in 1979. Its powerful genetic differentiation ability and resistance to adversity contribute to its invasiveness. For a comprehensive understanding of the mechanism of plant invasion, the ecological strategy of exotic plants as a result of resources and environmental difference is needed to be known. This paper aimed to study Spartina alterniflora morphological plasticity and biomass allocation in response to tidal gradient change in Mindong coastal wetlands, China. Spartina alterniflora morphological variation, asexual reproduction, sexual propagation and biomass distribution characters at six transects of the intertidal zone in Mindong coastal wetlands were investigated by field investigation and laboratory analysis. The results showed that tide level gradient had significant effects on morphological variation and sexual propagation of Spartina alterniflora (P < 0.05),but had no significant effect on asexual reproduction (P > 0.05). The morphological indices of Spartina alterniflora including plant height, stem diameter, length of leaf were significantly higher at high tide level (S6) than the middle and low tide level, with the differences between the middle and low tide levels not significant. The tide level gradient had no significant effect on population density of Spartina alterniflora (P > 0.05). The intrusion of Spartina alterniflora slowdown in the past 10 years indicated that its sexual reproductive efficiency was very low in spite of the strong plasticity of sexual reproduction. One reason of the slowdown in intrusion of Spartina alterniflora was probably the poor phenotypic plasticity in asexual reproduction of Spartina alterniflora. Tide gradient had significant effects on biomass accumulation of Spartina alterniflora (P < 0. 01), with the aboveground biomass and belowground biomass of S6 significantly higher than other plots. Tide gradient had effects on biomass distribution, though not statistically significant. These results indicated that Spartina alterniflora adapts better to high tide habitats, because of its higher habitat “foraging” ability and sexual reproduction at high tide level.
Keywords Spartina alterniflora; tide level gradient; morphological plasticity; ecological strategy; Mindong coastal wetlands



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