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1 Effects of combined application of microbial agents and fertilizers on soil nutrients and microbial characteristics in reclaimed soil
栗 丽 李廷亮 孟会生 谢英荷 洪坚平**
2016年06期 [1156-1160][Abstract](2798)[pdf 711KB](1453)
2 Effects of forest gap size on ecological stoichiometric characteristics of update plants in Pinus massoniana plantation
宋思梦1 谭 波1, 2 周 扬1 张 健1, 2** 李 艳1 姚小兰1 李相君1 李亚洲1 陈 凯1 李柏翰1
2016年06期 [1040-1047][Abstract](3276)[pdf 995KB](1544)
3 The spatial-temporal pattern dynamics of the water environment in Panjiakou–Daheiting Reservoir
陈 勇1, 2 张 敏1** 渠晓东1 王佰梅3 朱龙基3
2016年06期 [1082-1088][Abstract](2617)[pdf 2370KB](1498)
4 Effects of planting Sailx integra on the microbial community structure and the physical and chemical properties during cadmium contaminated soil remediation
2019年03期 [501-509][Abstract](440)[pdf 1790KB](25)
5 Soil recovery rate and spatial heterogeneity in the process of ecological restoration in an earthquake-affected area
2019年04期 [823-830][Abstract](98)()
6 Eco-stoichiometric C:N:P characteristics of four common trees in Qinghai Province
2019年04期 [783-790][Abstract](115)()
7 Stoichiometric characteristics of C, N, and P in soil and plant leaves in three typical evergreen forest types in subtropical zone
2019年04期 [759-767][Abstract](178)()
8 Characteristics of soil and foliar N and P concentrations and stoichiometric ratio along restoration ages of Pinus massoniana plantations in red soils erosion regions of southern China
2019年04期 [768-775][Abstract](129)()
9 Influence of different control measures of continuous cropping obstacle on morphological and physiological characteristics of cotton roots in Xinjiang
2019年04期 [918-925][Abstract](111)()
10 The edge effect of a forest gap on decomposition of Pinus massoniana and Cinnamomum camphora leaf litter
2017年03期 [570-578][Abstract](2835)[pdf 1162KB](1176)
11 Effect of shrubland and reforestation with different tree species on soil nutrients in western Sichuan Province
陈文静, 祁凯斌, 黄俊胜, 杨婷惠, 包维楷, 庞学勇
2017年06期 [1081-1088][Abstract](2342)[pdf 745KB](973)
12 Microbial diversity in Yubei Oil field determined by high-throughput sequencing
2017年04期 [693-700][Abstract](2679)[pdf 1925KB](1129)
13 Water environment revealed by aquatic communities of lakes: a case study on Dongping Lake
2017年04期 [739-744][Abstract](2679)[pdf 909KB](1149)
14 Effects of cultivation of faba bean and rape in winter on partial properties of soil in farmlands surrounding mining area and characteristics of cadmium and lead accumulation in crops
2017年05期 [845-850][Abstract](2145)[pdf 739KB](987)
15 Effect of domestic sewage irrigation on the decomposition and nutrient release characteristics of returned wheat straw from paddy fields
2017年05期 [866-872][Abstract](1731)[pdf 1089KB](930)
16 Characteristics and factors influencing foliar nutrient resorption in plants
2017年05期 [811-817][Abstract](2588)[pdf 749KB](1217)
17 Stoichiometric characteristics of carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus in different tree species in a sandy coastal plain area
邱岭军,何宗明,胡欢甜,林宝平 林 宇,汪凤林,林思祖
2017年03期 [555-559][Abstract](2463)(891)
18 Effects of different microbial agents on growth of Angelica sinensis and microorganism population and nutrients of rhizosphere soil
2017年03期 [511-519][Abstract](2136)[pdf 1036KB](1152)
19 Profile characteristics and nutrients of dry cinnamon soils in dry valley of the upper Minjiang River
2003年03期 [230-234][Abstract](3960)[pdf 100KB](2204)
20 Isolation and identification of marine photosynthesis bacteria and analysis of their nutritional compositions
2003年03期 [298-301][Abstract](3941)[pdf 100KB](2813)
21 Mineralization patterns of P, K, Ca and Mg in hedgerow prunings of nitrogenfixing trees
2003年01期 [1-6][Abstract](6356)[pdf 100KB](2791)
22 Hybridoma cell culture in a nutrientfortified medium supplemented with potassium acetate
1998年02期 [185-191][Abstract](4059)[pdf 100KB](2547)
23 Soil Nutrient Dynamics in Sequencially Aged Eucalyptus Plantations in Mountainous Region of Southern Fujian, China
2009年06期 [756-760][Abstract](5344)[pdf 964KB](2546)
24 Community Succession of Differently Aged Artificial Grasslands and Their Soil Nutrient Changes in Three Rivers’ Source Regions in Qinghai, China
2009年06期 [737-744][Abstract](7066)[pdf 1222KB](2894)
25 Effects of soybean cyst nematode (SCN) on soybean growth (Glycine max (L.))
2000年01期 [24-27][Abstract](3533)[pdf 100KB](2037)
26 Changes of soil properties during artificial recovery of subalpine coniferous forests in western Sichuan
2001年04期 [308-314][Abstract](4585)[pdf 100KB](2332)
27 Nutrient distribution and cycling of artificial and natural subalpine spruce forests in western Sichuan
2002年01期 [1-7][Abstract](4408)[pdf 100KB](2197)
28 Some factors affecting growth and astaxanthin accumulation of Haematococcus pluvialis strain 797
2002年01期 [56-60][Abstract](3728)[pdf 100KB](2092)
29 Foliar Nutrient Concentrations of Chinese Fir in Response to Simulated Nitrogen Deposition
2008年03期 [319-323][Abstract](4207)[pdf 100KB](2913)
30 Ecological stoichiometric ratio of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus for tree, shrub and herb species in north subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest *
朱亮1 顾国军2 徐振锋1 游成铭1 牟凌1 丁爽1 曾欣1 吴福忠1**
2019年06期 [1-12][Abstract](1021)[pdf 1661KB](254)
31 Effects of Sailx integra planting on microbial community structure and physical and chemical properties during cadmium contaminated soil remediation*
高卓田1 牛小云1 周健1 王芸2 黄大庄1**
2019年05期 [1-14][Abstract](980)[pdf 493KB](239)
32 Characteristics of absorptive roots of subalpine Populus purdomii and Abies fabri in Southwest China *
赵小祥1,2 王根绪1 杨凯1,2 杨阳1 冉飞1 段宝利1 类延宝1 杨燕1**
2019年05期 [1-11][Abstract](783)[pdf 753KB](212)
33 Advances in research on the effects of drought stress on plant rhizosphere environments *
樊利华1 周星梅2 吴淑兰1 向君1 钟晓燕1 唐雪滋1 王彦杰1**
2019年05期 [1-12][Abstract](1038)[pdf 67KB](284)
34 Relationship between soil nutrient and microbial biomass characteristics in the early stage of ecological restoration in earthquake affected area
贺静雯1,2 刘颖1,2 吴建召1,2 崔 羽1,2 罗清虎1,2 林勇明1,2** 王道杰3 李键1,2
2019年05期 [1-14][Abstract](402)[pdf 177KB](130)
35 Effects of forest conversion on soil microbial community structure
楚海燕, 李若南, 李靖雯, 钟兆全, 刘小飞, 李一清
2019年01期 [23-28][Abstract](924)[pdf 796KB](214)
36 Responses of starch biosynthesis-related genes to nutrition starvation in Landoltia punctata
王明秀, 栾威, 马欣荣, 陶向, 赵云
2019年01期 [128-135][Abstract](1184)[pdf 1847KB](210)
37 Effects of different endogenous fungi on the mass loss and nutrient content of leaf litter of Cunninghamia lanceolata
李冠军, 梁安洁, 洪滔, 林勇明, 吴承祯, 洪伟, 林晗, 李键
2018年06期 [1211-1220][Abstract](1052)[pdf 2038KB](213)
38 Fine root decomposition and nutrient release in Toona sinensis plantation under the reconstruction mode of low-efficiency cypress forest gaps
2018年03期 [525-532][Abstract](1449)[pdf 1096KB](797)
39 Soil physicochemical properties of Pinus tabuliformis plantations of different ages in Yanqing, Beijing
2018年02期 [221-229][Abstract](2069)[pdf 917KB](1041)
40 Transcription factors and their expression in $Landoltia punctata$ under nutrient starvation
2018年01期 [97-101][Abstract](3277)[pdf 1479KB](1184)
41 Seasonal dynamics of nutrient and tripolide contents in leaves of Tripterygium wilfordii from different provenances
2018年02期 [299-306][Abstract](1845)[pdf 5165KB](1646)
42 Ecological stoichiometry of soil carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus within soil aggregates of four plantations in the western edge of Sichuan Basin
2018年01期 [112-118][Abstract](2973)[pdf 607KB](1472)
43 Correlation between stoichiometry characteristics of carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus, and the root order in the rhizosphere soils of poplar plantations
2018年01期 [119-124][Abstract](3087)[pdf 656KB](1400)
44 Stellera chamaejasme as an indicator for alpine meadow degradation on the Tibetan Plateau
2016年22卷04期 [567-572][Abstract](2544)[pdf 1014KB](1497)
45 Soil nutrient characteristics in different forest types at the Jiuzhaigou National Nature Reserve, China*
2016年05期 [767-772][Abstract](3335)[pdf 757KB](1531)
46 Effects of Wenchuan Earthquake on soil nutrient dynamics in forest*
2016年05期 [773-779][Abstract](3093)[pdf 881KB](1251)
47 Soil microbial biomass properties under typical vegetation types in the Taiyue Mountain of China*
吴 然1 康峰峰1 韩海荣1** 程小琴1 韩秀丽2 周文嵩1 赵 敬1 纪文婧
2016年03期 [486-493][Abstract](3037)[pdf 1557KB](1920)
48 The biomass and nutrient distribution in Larix principis-ruppechtii Magyrplantations at different forest age*
纪文婧1 程小琴1 韩海荣1** 康峰峰1 杨 杰2 朱 江1 赵 敬1 白英辰1 马俊勇1
2016年02期 [277-284][Abstract](3387)[pdf 843KB](2321)
49 Effect of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilization on leaf N and P stoichiometriccharacteristics of Machilus pauhoi seedlings*
李 曼1, 2 靳冰洁1, 2 钟全林1, 2, 3 马玉珠1, 2 卢宏典1, 2 郭炳桥1, 2 郑 媛1, 2 程栋梁1, 2, 3**
2016年02期 [285-291][Abstract](3471)[pdf 758KB](2021)
50 Effect of nitrogen and phosphorus fertilization on leaf N and P stoichiometric characteristics of Machilus pauhoi seedlings*
李 曼1, 2 靳冰洁1, 2 钟全林1, 2, 3 马玉珠1, 2 卢宏典1, 2 郭炳桥1, 2 郑 媛1, 2 程栋梁1, 2, 3**
2016年22卷02期 [285-291][Abstract](3138)[pdf 758KB](1622)
51 Effects of annual straw returning on soil nutrients, microbial activity and yield in a rice-wheat rotation system
徐蒋来, 尹思慧, 胡乃娟, 顾泽海, 王保君, 朱利群
2015年06期 [1100-1105][Abstract](4331)[pdf 1031KB](2027)
52 Soil physi-chemical properties, biomass and nutrient contents of forest litter in mixed plantations of Eucalyptus grandis and three tree species
赵燕波, 纪托未, 张丹桔, 张健
2015年05期 [948-953][Abstract](3239)[pdf 1054KB](2502)
53 Soil microbial community structure characteristics in artificial grassland with different cultivation years in the headwater region of Three Rivers, China
杨希智, 王长庭, 字洪标, 刘敏
2015年02期 [341-349][Abstract](4290)[pdf 1653KB](2110)
54 Dynamics of nitrogen and phosphorus release in decomposing foliar litter at different rainy stages in the subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest
马志良, 高顺, 杨万勤, 吴福忠
2015年02期 [308-315][Abstract](4567)[pdf 1271KB](2444)
55 Effect of nitrogen and phosphorus spraying on leaf nutrient resorption efficiency of Machilus pauhoi
费玲, 钟全林, 程栋梁, 徐朝斌, 张中瑞, 张蕾蕾
2015年02期 [295-300][Abstract](3683)[pdf 1061KB](2283)
56 Effects of cadmium on growth, plasma membrane ATPase activity, and absorption of N, P and K in Solanum nigrum L. seedlings
陈颖, 刘柿良, 杨容孑, 张思寻, 罗承德
2015年01期 [121-128][Abstract](5303)[pdf 1112KB](2492)
57 Nutrient utilization by Casuarina equisetifolia plantation of different ages in the tropical coastal area of South China
李钦禄, 莫其锋, 王法明, 李应文, 徐馨, 邹碧, 李晓波, 陈瑶, 李志安
2015年01期 [139-146][Abstract](6693)[pdf 1422KB](2134)
58  Physicochemical and biological properties of soils from Huize lead-zinc mining area of Yunnan
 李敬伟, 湛方栋, 何永美, 郭先华, 李明锐, 祖艳群, 李元
2014年05期 [906-912][Abstract](4747)[pdf 1152KB](2126)
59  Effect of Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Glutamine compound nutrients on serum biochemical parmeters and expression of HSP70 for anti-cold stress in Wistar Rats
 刘丛, 李俭, 李昌盛, 计红, 郭景茹, 李鹏, 杨焕民, 李士泽
2014年05期 [887-891][Abstract](3753)[pdf 968KB](2184)
60 Correlation between soil nutrient availability and bacteria community succession in poplar plantations
2014年03期 [491-498][Abstract](5436)[pdf 1443KB](2413)
61 Impact of Acid Deposition on the Main Nutrients of Subtropical Forest Soil
2013年02期 [255-261][Abstract](4471)[pdf 1253KB](2209)
62 Removal of Heavy Metal Elements and Nutrients by Pontederia cordata and Phragmites australis Constructed Wetlands
2013年01期 [179-183][Abstract](5941)[pdf 1400KB](2552)
63 Nutrient Accumulation and Cycling of an Eucalyptus urophylly × E. grandis Plantation
樊后保, 李燕燕, 刘文飞, 黄荣珍, 袁颖红, 苏兵强, 廖迎春
2012年06期 [897-903][Abstract](4813)[pdf 1092KB](2287)
64 Species Interaction Between Earthworms and Its Effect on Soil Nutrients in an Alpine Meadow, Northwestern Sichuan, China
阳小成, 冯坚, 吴新卫, 李国勇
2012年02期 [186-193][Abstract](5776)[pdf 1285KB](2200)
65 Effects of Desulfurized Gypsum Addition on Saline-alkali Soil Nutrients and Photosynthetic Characteristics of Cultivated Oil-sunflower
2012年04期 [575-581][Abstract](5678)[pdf 878KB](2457)
66 Effects of Prescribed Burning on Plant Growth and Soil Properties of a Cycas Panzhihuacycasis Forest
2012年03期 [381-390][Abstract](7394)[pdf 1266KB](2453)
67 Effect of Biogas Slurry on Biological Properties of Cabbage Continuous Cropping Soil
2011年03期 [384-387][Abstract](5785)[pdf 639KB](2494)
68 Spatiotemporal Variation in Soil Nutrient of Stipa purpurea Steppe Fenced in the Qinghai Lake Region
2012年01期 [23-29][Abstract](5348)[pdf 1064KB](2162)
69 Decomposition of Sheep and Cattle Dung in a Steppe in Inner Mongolia, China
2011年06期 [791-796][Abstract](4687)[pdf 695KB](2429)
70 Contents of Some Mineral Elements and Their Resorption Efficiencies in Casuarina equisetifolia Branchlets Across a Coastal Gradient
2011年05期 [645-650][Abstract](5714)[pdf 747KB](2395)
71 Effects of Different Land Uses and Cultivation Periods on Spatial Distribution of Soil Nutrients in Karst Mountainous Region
2011年01期 [63-68][Abstract](5038)[pdf 626KB](2493)
72 Dynamics and cycling analysis of nutrient elements in Eucalyptus urophylla
2002年02期 [148-153][Abstract](2811)[pdf 100KB](1920)
73 Impact of Yak Dung on Soil Nutrient in Northwest Grassland of Sichuan
2009年05期 [666-671][Abstract](6325)[pdf 1198KB](2762)
74 Analysis of Factors Affecting Chlorophyll a Concentration in Small Reservoirs in South China
2009年01期 [64-71][Abstract](4249)[pdf 1138KB](2432)
陶红群, 李晓林, 张俊铃
1997年03期 [263-267][Abstract](3743)[pdf 2577KB](1558)
刘选珍1, 余健秋1, 李学兵1, 李绍昌1, 钟顺隆2, 张万诚3, 石善登4
1996年04期 [382-386][Abstract](2749)[pdf 2481KB](2118)
77 Effect of Vegetation Degradation on Soil Nutrients and Microflora in the Sanjiangyuan Region of Qinghai, China
2007年06期 [788-793][Abstract](4154)[pdf 100KB](2523)
78 Production, distribution and nutrient return of fine roots in a mixed and a pure forest in subtropical China
2002年03期 [223-233][Abstract](5766)[pdf 100KB](3020)
79 Effect of culture conditions on poly( vinylalcohol) -degrading enzyme p roduction by S treptom yces venezuelae GY1
2005年06期 [767-771][Abstract](3134)[pdf 100KB](2210)
80 Litter accumulation and nutrient fluxes in Pinus massoniana stand and its mixed forests with broadleaved trees
2005年05期 [521-527][Abstract](3875)[pdf 100KB](2165)
81 Application of canonical correlation analysis in the relation between soil enzyme activities and nutrient elements in eucalyptus plantation soils
2002年05期 [544-549][Abstract](3626)[pdf 100KB](2298)
82 Spatial variance and distribution of total nitrogen and organic matter of soil in Xingguo County of Jiangxi, China
2004年01期 [64-067][Abstract](3653)[pdf 100KB](2145)
83 Diversity of rhizobia isolated from rice bean (Vigna umbellate L.)
2003年05期 [485-488][Abstract](3157)[pdf 100KB](2249)
84 Cloning ang sequence analysis of ps1A1 and ps1A2 genes amplified specifically from the chloroplast DNA of maintainer of CMS sorghum
2003年05期 [501-505][Abstract](2992)[pdf 100KB](2239)