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1 Distribution pattern of soil nematode communities along the vertical climate zones on the eastern slope of Gongga Mountain*
张荣芝1 刘兴良2 钟红梅1 武 崎1 吴鹏飞1**
2016年06期 [959-971][Abstract](4377)[pdf 1961KB](2839)
2 Understory vegetation diversity of Pinus massoniana plantations with various canopy density
2016年06期 [1048-1054][Abstract](4800)[pdf 963KB](2800)
3 Analysis on the specificity of methane-oxidizing bacteria media
杨 帆1, 2 沈忠民1 梅 泽3
2016年06期 [1127-1133][Abstract](4693)[pdf 2089KB](2954)
4 The life form and environment factors of typical plant communities in the Dongting Lake wetlands
侯志勇1 谢永宏1** 高大立3 李飞云3 李 旭1 曾 静1 陈心胜1 李 峰1 邓正苗1 潘柏含1, 2 胡佳宇1, 2
2016年06期 [993-999][Abstract](5144)[pdf 1328KB](3065)
5 A PCR-DGGE study of bacteria community diversity in the constructed wetland treated with agricultural return flow
吴文卫1, 2 刘 昂1 谷照虎1 徐慧妮1 赵 磊2 陈宣钦1 陈丽梅1 李昆志1**
2016年06期 [978-985][Abstract](5172)[pdf 3357KB](2875)
6 Microbial diversity in Yubei Oil field determined by high-throughput sequencing
2017年02期 [276-282][Abstract](7450)[pdf 10251KB](3018)
7 Water environment revealed by aquatic communities of lakes: a case study on Dongping Lake
2017年02期 [318-323][Abstract](5185)[pdf 2061KB](3493)
8 The response and toxicity attenuation role of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi to environmental nanomaterials
2020年05期 [1147-1153][Abstract](2564)[pdf 708KB](1042)
9 Effects of soil nitrogen-fixing bacteria community and diversity after converting forestland into tea garden
2020年05期 [1096-1106][Abstract](2097)[pdf 7081KB](1114)
10 Avian diversity, distribution, and fauna of the Gongga Mountains
2020年04期 [1029-1040][Abstract](2423)[pdf 2081KB](1826)
11 Comparison of three models for assessing the importance of biodiversity at the county scale, using Wuyishan City as an example
林雪儿, 尤丽萍, 周梦遥, 何东进, 巫丽芸, 邓西鹏, 林良思, 游巍斌
2020年01期 [195-200][Abstract](2214)[pdf 1351KB](1462)
12 Distribution of millipede (Diplopoda) and its influencing factors in the soils of typical forest ecosystems in Chengdu Longquan Mountain Urban Forest Park
2020年05期 [1200-1206][Abstract](2113)[pdf 831KB](1177)
13 Changes in the of allelopathic potential and microbial diversity in of rhizosphere soils of rice under induction of barnyard grass root exudates
2020年04期 [936-942][Abstract](1932)[pdf 1412KB](1233)
14 Effects of temperature on the mixed storage fermentation quality of dry corn stalk and cabbage wastes and their microbial communities
2019年03期 [719-728][Abstract](2610)[pdf 1877KB](1235)
15 Spatial heterogeneity analysis of the vegetation on the surface of the Leshan Giant Buddha
2020年04期 [979-984][Abstract](1863)[pdf 1070KB](1278)
16 Biodiversity and composition of rhizosphere fungal communities associated with five plant species
2020年02期 [364-369][Abstract](2393)[pdf 1302KB](1430)
17 Woody plant diversity changes in Abies-Tsuga forests during the natural regeneration of arrow bamboo (Bashania faberi) in the Wolong Nature Reserve
朱涛,周世强?黄金燕,刘巅,Alan H. Taylor,罗树友,张亚辉,屈元元,吴代福,张和民
2020年02期 [442-450][Abstract](2242)[pdf 816KB](1426)
18 Effects of toxic microalgae on bacterial community diversity in coastal sediments
2020年02期 [339-347][Abstract](1914)[pdf 2357KB](1338)
19 Effects of different fertility-building practices on the meso-micro soil fauna communities in a black soil area
2019年06期 [1344-1351][Abstract](2481)[pdf 1033KB](1220)
20 Diversity of culturable lactic acid bacteria and screening of silage strains in vegetable waste from Sichuan province, China
2019年06期 [1428-1433][Abstract](2340)[pdf 1782KB](1179)
21 Response of microbial community structure in eutrophic Taihu sediments to environmental factors
2019年06期 [1470-1476][Abstract](2529)[pdf 4674KB](1360)
22 Species-level diversity of lactate-producing bacteria in acetic acid fermentation of Zhenjiang aromatic vinegar
2019年06期 [1434-1440][Abstract](2497)[pdf 3433KB](1174)
23 Early effects of target tree management on undergrowth plant diversity and soil physicochemical properties in Cupressus funebris plantations
2019年05期 [1036-1043][Abstract](2496)[pdf 1445KB](1245)
24 Composition and ecological characteristics of macro-basidiomycetes in the Xingshan County of Three Gorges Reservoir Area
2019年05期 [1099-1106][Abstract](2306)[pdf 2225KB](1393)
25 Relationship between species diversity, flora, and soil environmental factors of the herb community in different habitats in the Wenjiang Section of the Jinma River
2019年04期 [838-844][Abstract](2781)[pdf 903KB](1330)
26 The littoral zone macroinvertebrate distribution in relation to environment variables in the lower Yangtze River Channel from Nanjing to the estuary
2019年03期 [553-560][Abstract](2867)[pdf 1339KB](1297)
27 Research on bacterial communities in Cr-polluted farmland soil by high-throughput sequencing and selection of Cr remediation strains
2019年04期 [933-942][Abstract](3098)[pdf 4636KB](1427)
28 Effects of habitat fragmentation on genetic diversity of plants and animals
2019年03期 [743-749][Abstract](3814)[pdf 629KB](1922)
29 Dynamic effects of Pichia anomala inoculation on the mixed storage quality of dry maize straw and cabbage wastes and their microbial communities
2019年03期 [710-718][Abstract](2514)[pdf 1046KB](1198)
30 Recent progress in research on the symbiotic relationship between olive (Olea europaea L.) and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi
2019年03期 [750-758][Abstract](3132)[pdf 836KB](1390)
31 Plankton community structure and water quality evaluation in the main stream of the Luanhe River
2022年02期 [401-412][Abstract](198)[pdf 1029KB](115)
32 Factors influencing β diversity of coniferous and broad-leaved mixed forest in Jiaohe, Jilin Province, China
2022年02期 [325-330][Abstract](187)[pdf 1598KB](144)
33 Comprehensive evaluation of ecological function restoration of the natural secondary forests in a sub-alpine region of western Sichuan
2021年03期 [694-704][Abstract](1530)[pdf 907KB](1117)
34 Stability and evaluation methods of plant communities in the dry-hot valleys of Southwest China
2021年02期 [334-350][Abstract](1749)[pdf 1148KB](1132)
35 Quantitative classification, ordination, and species diversity of subalpine colored-leaf forest communities in western Sichuan, China
2021年03期 [519-528][Abstract](1807)[pdf 1755KB](1149)
36 Community structure of typical shrubs?in different lithological areas of the Erhai basin
2021年03期 [529-540][Abstract](1606)[pdf 791KB](1050)
37 Diversity and annual dynamics of wintering water birds in the East Poyang Lake National Wetland Park
2021年04期 [848-854][Abstract](1485)[pdf 807KB](1069)
38 Decay and fungal community characteristics of sand-buried sections of Salix psammophila sand barriers at different ages
2022年02期 [339-345][Abstract](205)[pdf 2425KB](121)
39 Restoration dynamics of understory species diversity in Castanopsis hystrix plantations at different ages
2021年04期 [930-937][Abstract](1394)[pdf 706KB](1018)
40 Spatial patterns of and factors influencing species diversity in the forest communities of China’s Taihang Mountains
2022年02期 [331-338][Abstract](210)[pdf 2495KB](140)
41 Characteristics of microbial community diversity in the gentle hilly area of Huanghe Town Reservoir
2022年01期 [167-174][Abstract](947)[pdf 1582KB](774)
42 Identification and physiological characteristics of yeast strains isolated from Tibet, China
2021年06期 [1471-1475][Abstract](1094)[pdf 1232KB](846)
43 Analysis of microbial community functional diversity in rare earth element, lead and fluorine compound-polluted soil based on Biolog-ECO
2021年06期 [1485-1491][Abstract](1148)[pdf 970KB](891)
44 Diversity and community structure of gut microbiomes of captive giant pandas in different regions
2021年05期 [1218-1225][Abstract](1316)[pdf 2714KB](957)
45 Diversity and niche characteristics of herbaceous layer plants in the early stage of forest gap reconstruction of inefficient Cupressus funebris plantations
2021年05期 [1178-1185][Abstract](1268)[pdf 3960KB](944)
46 Influences of different strip clearcutting on the herbaceous diversity and soil nutrients of Larix olgensis plantation
2021年04期 [901-907][Abstract](1231)[pdf 557KB](951)
47 Species diversity and soil physicochemical properties at Eucalyptus robusta plantations of different ages in Weiyuan
2021年03期 [742-748][Abstract](1454)[pdf 742KB](994)
48 Early effects of target tree management on plant diversity and soil physicochemical properties in a Cunninghamia lanceolata plantation
2021年02期 [408-415][Abstract](1644)[pdf 692KB](1191)
49 Diversity of air fungi during sandstorms in Qiemo District, Xinjiang, China
2021年02期 [440-448][Abstract](1405)[pdf 2225KB](1000)
50 Effects of nitrogen fertilization on microbial functional diversity in a light-medium for Cunninghamia lanceolata (Lamb.) Hook seedlings
2021年01期 [54-61][Abstract](1727)[pdf 2269KB](1057)
51 High-throughput sequencing analysis of the diversity of the gut microbiota of Apis cerana in the Aba region
2020年06期 [1426-1436][Abstract](1578)[pdf 4201KB](1025)
52 Characteristics of herbaceous plant communities under different plantations on reclaimed coal gob piles in the Lu’an mining area, Shanxi
2020年06期 [1392-1399][Abstract](1876)[pdf 624KB](1070)
53 QTL mapping of yield-related traits in the high-yield wheat variety Chuanmai42
2017年04期 [595-601][Abstract](5803)[pdf 2144KB](2417)
54 The structural characteristics of a soil bacterial community in a dam of copper mine tailings in Zhongtiaoshan mountains, Shanxi
2017年03期 [527-534][Abstract](5023)[pdf 2904KB](2323)
55 Functional diversity of soil microorganisms in the soil in Dongzhaigang mangrove wetlands in Hainan
2017年05期 [857-861][Abstract](4872)[pdf 1032KB](2590)
56 Development of SSR molecular markers based on transcriptome sequencing of Idesia polycarpa Maxim.
2017年05期 [952-958][Abstract](4865)[pdf 3392KB](2177)
57 Effects of tannic acid on salt ion availability of saline-alkali soils in the Yellow River Delta
2017年04期 [764-770][Abstract](5399)[pdf 719KB](3496)
58 Seed-specific AT2S3 promoter-regulated heat shock factor AtHsfA9 improves plant tolerance in transgenic Nicotiana tabacum
2017年04期 [628-634][Abstract](4925)[pdf 853KB](2451)
59 Preparation of a Fe3O4@SiO2-CHO carrier and immobilized lipase as a recyclable catalyst for biodiesel production
2017年04期 [670-677][Abstract](7201)[pdf 2879KB](2443)
60 Characteristics of the soil microbial community structures of Betula platyphylla and Larix principis-rupprechtii forests in the Pangquangou Reserve
2017年03期 [520-526][Abstract](4491)[pdf 1061KB](2316)
61 Bacterial community structure and physical-chemical properties of different formulations of cultivated mushroom (Agaricus bisporus) composts
2017年03期 [502-510][Abstract](5135)[pdf 2015KB](2534)
62 Stability of microbial community structure in reservoir water samples at room temperature
2017年03期 [495-501][Abstract](5421)[pdf 3690KB](2287)
63 Design and construction of an L-malate-overproducing Escherichia coli strain
2017年04期 [685-692][Abstract](5019)[pdf 3734KB](2265)
64 Systematic evolution of Lemnoideae determined based on chloroplast genome analysis
2017年04期 [622-627][Abstract](4609)[pdf 1318KB](2590)
65 Bioinformatic analysis of simple sequence repeat (SSR) loci in the Pleurotus eryngii transcriptome
2017年03期 [454-458][Abstract](4917)[pdf 1193KB](2369)
66 Diversity of culturable actinomycetes in different types of soil in the Henan Province and screening of antagonistic strains
2019年02期 [365-377][Abstract](3631)[pdf 2604KB](1456)
67 Change of forest landscape pattern in Heilongjiang Province
2003年02期 [111-116][Abstract](6201)[pdf 100KB](3928)
68 Dynamic analysis of seed rain and seed bank in Kobresia pygmaea meadow
2003年01期 [7-10][Abstract](5225)[pdf 100KB](3250)
69 Bird diversity in typical degraded ecosystem in the upper reaches of Minjiang River in Sichuan, China
2003年01期 [42-48][Abstract](6611)(4)
70 Numerical taxonomy and 16S rDNAPCR RFLP of nodule bacteria isolated from root nodules of leguminous trees, Robinia sp., Dalbergia spp.,and Albizia spp.
2003年01期 [53-58][Abstract](6412)[pdf 100KB](3409)
71 Phenotypic aspects and phosphorusreleasing and potassiumreleasing ability of silicate bacteria isolated from purple soils
2003年01期 [71-77][Abstract](6617)[pdf 100KB](3773)
72 Study on the genetic diversity of peanut bradyrhizobial strains
1998年01期 [70-73][Abstract](4180)[pdf 100KB](3238)
73 Genetic Structure of Four Populations of Flaveria bidentis in Hebei, China
2010年01期 [67-71][Abstract](7438)[pdf 961KB](4013)
74 Ecological Diversity and Industrial Application of Methanogens
2009年04期 [574-578][Abstract](7838)[pdf 928KB](4173)
75 Establishment of AFLP Fingerprinting in Genetic Diversity Analysis of Pine Caterpillars
2009年06期 [875-879][Abstract](7509)[pdf 1417KB](4233)
76 Analysis of Bacterial Community in Water Retting of Flax
2009年05期 [703-707][Abstract](7392)[pdf 892KB](3754)
77 Genetic Variation of Three-line Parents of Indica Hybrid Rice Detected with SSR Markers
2009年05期 [585-590][Abstract](7576)[pdf 825KB](4305)
78 Genetic Conservation of Pinus tabulaeformis Population Implicated by Molecular Markers
2009年04期 [459-463][Abstract](7622)[pdf 1013KB](3472)
79 Microbial Diversity of Nitrite-oxidizing and Heterotrophic Bacterial Communities under Different C/N Ratios
2009年03期 [351-355][Abstract](7910)[pdf 1155KB](4012)
80 Soil Animal Community Diversity in the Burned Areas of the Great Xing’an Mountains, China
2009年05期 [672-676][Abstract](7098)[pdf 731KB](3696)
81 Plant species diversity of Shenweigou in Guandi Mountains (Shanxi, China)I. richness, evenness and diversity indexes
2000年05期 [406-411][Abstract](5918)[pdf 100KB](4082)
82 Biodiversity of birds in the Three Gorges Reservoir area of Chongqing
2001年01期 [45-50][Abstract](4890)[pdf 100KB](3007)
83 Analysis of genetic relationship among Chinese fir (Cunninghamia lanceolata hook) provenances by RAPD
2001年02期 [130-133][Abstract](5249)[pdf 100KB](2777)
84 Quantitative analysis of species diversity and soil factors in 30 a subalpine coniferous plantations at different altitudes
2001年05期 [408-415][Abstract](5598)[pdf 100KB](2713)
85 Prediction of effects of Xiluodu hydropower Station on the diversity of amphibians and reptiles and their conservation countermeasures
2001年05期 [452-456][Abstract](4998)[pdf 100KB](2760)
86 Quantitative characteristics of rare Castanopsis kawakamii forest in China
2002年01期 [14-19][Abstract](3765)[pdf 100KB](2699)
87 Community Characteristics of Midmicro Soil Animals in Coldtemprate Zone of the Daxingan Mountains, China
2008年03期 [388-393][Abstract](6315)[pdf 100KB](3805)
88 α Diversity of Communities and Their Changes Along Altitude Gradient in the Baishuihe National Nature Reserve at Longmen Mountain, Sichuan
2008年03期 [303-307][Abstract](5204)[pdf 100KB](4154)
89 Study on species diversity under secondary succession of seminatural protected forest in center of Sichuan
2002年02期 [127-132][Abstract](3547)[pdf 100KB](2483)
90 Functional group characteristics of plant community at different grazing intensities in alpine grassland of northwest ern Sichuan
锁才序1,2 费璇1,2 刘银占3 向双1,2** 孙书存4
2022年06期 [1-10][Abstract](223)[pdf 473KB](131)
91 Characteristics of bacterial community structure on the surface of ship coffin from Pujinag warring state period in buri al environment
李静1 张潇月1 杨弢2 李佩2 龚扬民2 肖嶙2 邹立扣1 赵珂1
2022年05期 [1-10][Abstract](512)[pdf 4355KB](165)
92 Community structure of plankton and water quality environment uation in the main stream of Luanhe River
程成 申艳萍 袁伟琳 贾晓慧 刘亦博 郭平**
2022年05期 [1-10][Abstract](507)[pdf 1464KB](160)
93 Diversity of lactic acid bacteria in traditional fermented yak cheese on western Sichuan Plateau
雷善钰1 江华明2 李艳1 梁锦鹏1 张小平1 赵珂1 向泉桔1 辜运富1**
2022年05期 [1-10][Abstract](555)[pdf 392KB](241)
94 Species diversity and leaf functional traits of understory vegetation one year after severe burning
郑大柽1 秦倩倩2 邱聪2 刘艳红3**
2022年05期 [1-10][Abstract](527)[pdf 615KB](351)
95 Factors influencing diversity of coniferous and broad-leaved mixed forest in Jiaohe, Jilin
何存存 张春雨** 赵秀海
2022年05期 [1-10][Abstract](524)[pdf 810KB](128)
96 The diversity and floristic analysis of mosses in Jiuzhaigou National Nature Reserve
夏红霞 朱大林2 张跃3 薛颖欣1 余子欣1 类延宝2 孙庚2 任鹏1 陈珂1*
2022年05期 [1-10][Abstract](551)[pdf 1324KB](214)
97 Effects of stand density on understory species diversity and soil erosion resistanc e of Cupressus funebris plantation in Yunding Mountain , Sichuan
鱼舜尧1 向琳1 喻静1 陈聪琳1 苏天成1 王姚瑶1 张瀚文1 李婧1 郝建锋1, 2**
2022年04期 [1-10][Abstract](799)[pdf 333KB](527)
98 Diversity and structural characteristics of nitrogen-fixing bacteria community in tobacco- growing soils at different elevations in Panzhihua
李永赟1 刘羽佳2 叶田会3 张静1 杨鹏3 余伟3 封俊3 闫芳芳3 张宗锦3 辜运富**
2022年04期 [1-10][Abstract](525)[pdf 2364KB](209)
99 Dynamic characteristics of woody plant regeneration in karst secondary forests in central Guizhou
王梦洁1,2 容丽1,2** 叶天木1,2 王琪1,2 李婷婷1,2 李璇1,2 杨文松1,2
2022年04期 [1-10][Abstract](685)[pdf 110KB](308)
100 Relationship between herbaceous community distribution and soil environmental factors in riparian zone of Baiyangdian River Basin
武晓倩1,2 范保硕1,2 滕叶文1,2 李荣琦1,2 渠开跃3 钱金平1,2** 田 冰1,2
2022年04期 [1-10][Abstract](713)[pdf 810KB](352)
101 Plant diversity of excavated slope of different vegetation restoration stages in the arid valleys of Chendu-Lanzhou Railway
方月1 魏强2 赵健2 万炳宏3 闫晓俊4 肖玖金1 陈良华1 韩美清2,5** 朱鹏1**
2022年03期 [1-10][Abstract](785)[pdf 9652KB](265)
102 Effects of forest management to the poplar plantations on the community structure and species diversity of the Chengdu ring expressway area
苏天成1 王姚瑶1 向琳1 喻静1 陈聪琳1 王琴1 王芳1 郝建锋1, 2**
2022年03期 [1-10][Abstract](833)[pdf 309KB](327)
103 Diversity and influencing factors of rice rhizosphere filamentous fungi in Chayu County, Tibet , China
薛文凯1 杨雯1 朱攀1 张艳茗2 郭小芳1** 德吉1**
2022年04期 [1-10][Abstract](710)[pdf 1366KB](413)
104 Relationship between biodiversity and biomass along a primary succession chronosequence in the foreland of Hailuogou Glacier
陈彭祯霓1,7 任亮晶1,4 罗辑1 孙守琴2,3** 刘巧1** 张伟5 戴巡6
2022年03期 [1-10][Abstract](913)[pdf 714KB](446)
105 Denitrification efficiency of the special moving-bed biofilm reactor (SMBBR) process for domestic sewage treatment and its microbial diversity
敬双怡, 李岩, 于玲红, 杨文焕, 朱浩君, 李卫平
2019年01期 [206-214][Abstract](2785)[pdf 14038KB](1771)
106 The structure and diversity of the fungal community in rhizosphere soil from tea gardens of different ages
2018年05期 [972-977][Abstract](4244)[pdf 2411KB](1592)
107 Effects of straw returning on soil meso- and micro-arthropod community diversity in wheat-maize fields in North China
张婷, 孔云, 李刚, 杨殿林, 赵建宁, 张贵龙, 王丽丽, 修伟明
2019年01期 [70-75][Abstract](3228)[pdf 787KB](1530)
108 Diversity and community composition of phosphorus accumulating organisms (PAOs) in the sediments of the Sanshiliujiao Lake reservoir
佘晨兴, 王静, 苏玉萍, 林婉珍, 兰瑞芳, 刘键熙, 林佳
2018年06期 [1254-1262][Abstract](3334)[pdf 1801KB](1529)
109 Genetic diversity of Sichuan Basin populations of Microhyla fissipes inferred from mt-COI gene sequences
2018年05期 [1058-1064][Abstract](4183)[pdf 4669KB](1740)
110 The relationship between the diversity of a degraded Haloxylon ammodendron community and soil characteristics in the western Gurbantunggut Desert, China
2018年05期 [1165-1170][Abstract](3228)[pdf 807KB](1526)
111 Effects of cellulase on the mixed silage quality of dried maize straw and cabbage waste and an analysis of its bacterial community
2018年05期 [1097-1106][Abstract](3220)[pdf 1154KB](1946)
112 Species diversity variation of Cupressus funebris secondary forest in landslide site after 5.12 Wenchuan Earthquake
廖峰, 郑江坤, 赵廷宁, 史常青, 郎登潇, 王文武, 付滟, 任雨之
2018年06期 [1404-1410][Abstract](3288)[pdf 1812KB](1335)
113 Effects of early management of Pinus massoniana plantation target trees on soil physicochemical properties and plant diversity
2018年03期 [500-507][Abstract](4095)[pdf 675KB](2131)
114 Diversity and succession of bacteria during the fermentation of a cigar wrapper using high throughput sequencing technology and traditional isolation
2018年04期 [783-788][Abstract](3992)[pdf 2150KB](2118)
115 Ecological relationships in herbaceous plant communities under different plantations on reclaimed coal gob piles in the Yangquan mining area, China
2018年05期 [1158-1164][Abstract](3500)[pdf 925KB](1610)
116 Characterizing the vegetation community in the provenance slope with high-frequency debris flow
2018年04期 [681-688][Abstract](3839)[pdf 1381KB](1945)
117 Effects of water velocity on bulk water quality and biofilm population structure in drinking water distribution systems
黄保国,顾 越,陈国炜,金菊良,刘丽
2018年04期 [860-865][Abstract](2817)[pdf 809KB](2694)
118 Using T-RFLP technology to analyze bacterial diversity in the rhizospheric soils of tea tree at different ages
2018年04期 [775-782][Abstract](4345)[pdf 848KB](1757)
119 Population structure and community characteristics of Acer catalpifolium Rehd.
2018年04期 [697-703][Abstract](4779)[pdf 985KB](2094)
120 Genetic diversity and genetic differentiation of Squaliobarbus curriculus from the Pearl River based on mitochondrial D-loop sequences
2018年03期 [615-622][Abstract](3279)[pdf 2531KB](2688)
121 Bacterial community structure in waterlogged bamboo slips excavated from the Laoguanshan Han Dynasty Tomb of Chengdu
2018年03期 [493-499][Abstract](3821)[pdf 1698KB](2129)
122 Effects of inoculating different lactic acid bacteria on the mixed storage quality of dry maize straw and cabbage waste
2018年03期 [547-556][Abstract](2844)[pdf 751KB](2087)
123 Microbial community of maize straw and cabbage waste under different storage conditions
2018年02期 [281-291][Abstract](4473)[pdf 4677KB](2541)
124 Effects of canopy gap size on understory species diversity and biomass in a Pinus massoniana plantation in western Sichuan
2018年02期 [214-220][Abstract](4541)[pdf 776KB](2402)
125 Plant diversity and productivity of grassland communities at different altitudes of Jiucaiping Mountain, Guizhou
2018年02期 [207-213][Abstract](4675)[pdf 666KB](2442)
126 Correlation between stoichiometry characteristics of carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus, and the root order in the rhizosphere soils of poplar plantations
2018年01期 [119-124][Abstract](5441)[pdf 656KB](2775)
127 Effects of microbiological fertilizer on rhizosphere soil fungus communities under long-term continuous cropping of protected Hami melon
2018年01期 [68-74][Abstract](6006)[pdf 3157KB](2944)
128 Avifaunal community structure and species diversity in Tangjiahe National Nature Reserve, China
2017年01期 [1-14][Abstract](5114)[pdf 7665KB](3246)
129 Macrofaunal community structure and diversity near a sewage outlet in Huiquan Bay, Qingdao
2017年01期 [15-20][Abstract](5416)[pdf 1482KB](3028)
130 Archaeal diversity in the euphotic seawater at a slope in the northern South China Sea
2017年01期 [21-27][Abstract](5204)[pdf 926KB](2784)
131 Isolation, identification and plant growth promotion ability evaluation of the endophytic bacteria isolated from soybean root nodule in Sichuan Basin
2017年01期 [46-53][Abstract](5995)[pdf 877KB](2914)
132 Community composition of four types of Sphagnum wetlands and its relationship with environmental factors in Tianbaoyan National Nature Reserve*
2016年04期 [631-638][Abstract](5477)[pdf 1069KB](3072)
133 Clone library analysis of enzyme genes in metabolic pathway for acetoin production in the fermentation of Zhenjiang aromatic vinegar
2017年01期 [134-139][Abstract](5513)[pdf 1495KB](2772)
134 Effect of forest gaps of low efficiency Cupressus funebris on soil fauna diversity*
2016年05期 [800-807][Abstract](5048)[pdf 1080KB](2540)
135 Effect of spent mushroom (Agaricus bisporus) compost on rootzone soil quality and turf growth*
2016年05期 [926-931][Abstract](4031)[pdf 1049KB](2668)
136 A comparative study of soil microbial carbon source utilization in different successive rotation plantations of Chinese fir*
魏晓骁1,2 陈爱玲2,3 王士亚1,2 曹光球1,2** 蔡培菁1,2 黎 舒1,2
2016年03期 [518-523][Abstract](5801)[pdf 807KB](3252)
137 16S rDNA-assisted high-throughput sequencing analysis of microbial diversity in oil reservoirs*
许 颖** 马德胜 宋文枫 魏小芳
2016年03期 [409-414][Abstract](7017)[pdf 1767KB](4829)
138 The effects of spleen-deficient constipation model construction on the intestinal bacterial diversity in mice*
李丹丹 肖新云 邓艳玲 佘 颜** 赵先平** 谭周进
2016年03期 [437-441][Abstract](5612)[pdf 1401KB](3375)
139 A comparison between tropical primary and secondary forests on Hainan Island*
史景宁 李 微 孟京辉**
2016年02期 [271-276][Abstract](5140)[pdf 814KB](3145)
140 A comparison between tropical primary and secondary forests on Hainan Island*
史景宁 李 微 孟京辉**
2016年02期 [271-276][Abstract](4831)[pdf 814KB](3117)
141 The effects of vegetation type on soil nutrients and enzymes in Jiangjia Gulley with frequent debris flow
严思维, 杜锟, 陈爱民, 林勇明, 邓浩俊, 张广帅, 吴承祯, 洪伟
2016年01期 [49-57][Abstract](5716)[pdf 862KB](3167)
142 Characteristics of soil fauna community in the decomposition of Deyeuxia arundinacea litters
赵波, 肖玖金, 周开伦, 廖杨曦, 周泓杨, 张健
2015年05期 [940-947][Abstract](4723)[pdf 1306KB](3056)
143 Biodiversity and characterization of pectinase-producing bacteria isolated from giant panda gut
郭明月, 黄国印, 马晓瑞, 魏从翀, 陈芳芳, 胡超, 徐辉, 乔代蓉, 曹毅
2016年01期 [127-132][Abstract](5773)[pdf 1430KB](3856)
144 Quantitative analysis of riparian herbaceous community in Liaohe River Conservation Area and its tributaries
孔维静, 夏会娟, 张远, 侯利萍
2015年05期 [904-911][Abstract](5823)[pdf 1438KB](3642)
145 Comparison on bacterial community of rhizosphere and bulk soil of poplar plantation based on pyrosequencing
汪其同, 朱婉芮, 刘梦玲, 王华田, 王延平, 张光灿, 姜岳忠
2015年05期 [967-973][Abstract](5289)[pdf 1213KB](4599)
146 Diversity of endophytic microorganisms in fresh fruiting bodies of Sarcodon imbricatus
李强, 李树红, 李小林, 陈诚, 黄文丽, 熊川, 杨志荣, 郑林用
2015年04期 [629-634][Abstract](5988)[pdf 1031KB](3675)
147 Distribution of quantity and diversity of macrobenthos in the Jiaojiang Estuary
田伟, 徐兆礼
2015年02期 [358-365][Abstract](5892)[pdf 1843KB](3362)
148 Distribution and diversity of macrobenthic communities in the Jiangsu Reach of the Yangtze River
李娣, 牛志春, 王霞, 吕学研, 蔡琨, 于红霞
2015年01期 [96-100][Abstract](6071)[pdf 995KB](4525)
149 Effects of gap thinning on growth and diversity of a cypress plantation in the hilly region of central Sichuan
杨育林, 李贤伟, 周义贵, 刘运科
2014年06期 [971-977][Abstract](6856)[pdf 1147KB](3307)
150  Bacterial community structure in distiller’s yeast and accumulated fermented grains of Maotai-flavor liquor
 程才璎, 刘晓风, 袁月祥, 闫志英, 廖银章, 傅舒
2014年05期 [825-831][Abstract](7982)[pdf 1493KB](4301)
151  Diversity and function of endophytic bacteria in roots of exotic plant Spartina alterniflora
 李虎, 廖丹, 苏建强, 黄福义, 洪有为
2014年05期 [856-862][Abstract](7799)[pdf 1268KB](4129)
152  Analysis of microbial community functional diversity in the Changqing Oilfield based on Biology-ECO method
2014年05期 [913-918][Abstract](6826)[pdf 1195KB](3323)
153 Plant community features of Carex moorcroftii steppe at different degradation degrees in the interior of Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau
肖玉, 陈米贵, 周杰, 郭正刚
2014年04期 [639-645][Abstract](6972)[pdf 1150KB](3471)
154 Effect of ultra-micro powder Dendrobium officinale on the molecular diversity of intestinal bacteria in mice with spleen-deficiency constipation
赵兴兵, 吴维佳, 肖嫩群, 张华玲, 谭周进, 蔡光先
2015年01期 [170-174][Abstract](7358)[pdf 1136KB](3838)
155 Molecular characterization and phylogenetic analysis of endophytic nitrogen-fixing bacteria in Oryza australiensis
原红娟, 严慧, 杨芳, 彭桂香, 谭志远
2014年04期 [571-577][Abstract](6580)[pdf 1506KB](3350)
156 Analysis of cpDNA trnL-trnF sequences of Huperzia serrata var. longipetiolata of different geographical populations
2014年03期 [443-448][Abstract](10460)[pdf 1111KB](3510)
157 Soil fauna community structure and diversity during foliar litter decomposition in the subalpine/alpine forests of western Sichuan
2014年03期 [499-507][Abstract](7800)[pdf 1316KB](3571)
158 Genetic diversity and antibiotic activity of actinomycetes from tobacco soils in Yanbian, Sichuan
李小林, 赵克伟, 张波, 甘炳成, 郑林用, 周洁, 张小平
2014年02期 [192-197][Abstract](6206)[pdf 1534KB](3180)
159 Effects of forest gap on plant diversity of Pinus massoniana plantations
2014年01期 [8-14][Abstract](7015)[pdf 1219KB](3724)
160 PCR-DGGE Analysis of Lactobacillus Diversity in Pit Muds of Different Cellar-aged Luzhou Laojiao Liquor
2013年06期 [1020-1024][Abstract](7499)[pdf 1024KB](3550)
161 Diversity of Cultivable Fungi Isolated from the Chenghai Lake in Yunnan Province
2013年06期 [1025-1030][Abstract](5491)[pdf 1070KB](3805)
162 Diversity of Bacterial Community on the Surface of Marine Paint in Temperate Coastal Marine Waters
2013年03期 [471-477][Abstract](12031)[pdf 1308KB](3959)
163 Characteristics of Species Diversity of Herb Community in the Polder of Returning Farmland to Lake in the Dongting Lake Region
2013年03期 [434-443][Abstract](5363)[pdf 1458KB](3488)
164 Genetic Diversity of Pinus tabulaeformis Carr. Populations in Different Forest Types
2013年03期 [421-425][Abstract](7206)[pdf 1046KB](16781)
165 Bacterial Community Structure in Lakes on the Northeastern Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau
2013年05期 [750-758][Abstract](6847)[pdf 4366KB](4428)
166 Biolog-ECO Analysis of Microbial Community Functional Diversity in Organochlorine Contaminated Soil
2013年05期 [759-765][Abstract](6807)[pdf 3199KB](4561)
167 Effects of ultra-micro powder Qiweibaizhusan on metabolism diversity of intestinal microflora in diarrhea mice with dysbacteriosis
2014年01期 [93-100][Abstract](7774)[pdf 1442KB](4626)
168 Research Progress in Succession of Actinomycetal Communities and Their Capacity of Degrading Lignocellulose During Composting Process
2013年04期 [581-586][Abstract](8497)[pdf 1106KB](22025)
169 Seasonal Change in Structure of Phytoplankton Communities in the Yongjiang River
2013年04期 [663-669][Abstract](7131)[pdf 1974KB](3657)
170 Diversity of Cellulose-producing Thermophilic Bacteria in the Baoshan Hot Spring
2013年04期 [699-703][Abstract](6963)[pdf 1009KB](3383)
171 Phylogenetic Diversity Analysis of Archaeal in the Pit Mud with Different Cellar Age
王明跃, 张文学, 王海英, 刘超兰
2012年06期 [1043-1048][Abstract](7560)[pdf 964KB](3948)
172 Genetic Diversity Among Barley Varieties (Lines) Bred in China
2013年01期 [79-83][Abstract](7312)[pdf 989KB](3965)
173 Small Mammal Community Diversity and Its Influencing Factors in Landslides Habitat after the Wenchuan Earthquake
2013年02期 [301-304][Abstract](7544)[pdf 996KB](3542)
174 Detecting Genetic Diversity of Dendrobium Tissue Culture Seedlings with ISSR Method
2013年02期 [249-254][Abstract](7135)[pdf 1342KB](3488)
175 Carbon Source Utilization of Microbes in Saline Soil of Three Vegetation Types in Xinjiang, China
2013年01期 [96-104][Abstract](7842)[pdf 1116KB](3753)
176 Composition and Diversity of Ground-dwelling Beetle (Coleoptera) Along a Succession Gradient in Broad-leaved and Korean Pine Mixed Forest
in the Changbai Mountains, China

2011年06期 [797-802][Abstract](7252)[pdf 623KB](3778)
177 Effect of Norfloxacin on Carbon-source Metabolic Functional Diversity of Soil Microbial Communities
马驿, 彭金菊, 陈进军, 王芸, 陈法霖, 孙永学
2012年06期 [1033-1037][Abstract](7354)[pdf 1010KB](4201)
178 Community Analysis of Zooplankton in Acid Rivers
高原, 赖子尼, 庞世勋, 杨婉玲, 王超, 曾艳艺
2012年06期 [928-934][Abstract](6835)[pdf 1301KB](3406)
179 Plant Species Diversities of Tourism Disturbed Landscapes in Wutai Mountains, China
2012年04期 [559-564][Abstract](6683)[pdf 620KB](3509)
180 Relationship Among Species Diversities and Soil Properties in Endangered Calophaca sinica habitats in Tianlong Mountain, Shanxi, China
2012年03期 [391-398][Abstract](7193)[pdf 822KB](3595)
181 Bacterioplankton Diversity in Xiamen Houxi River Watershed Along an Urban - rural Gradient and Its Relation to Environmental Factors
2012年04期 [591-598][Abstract](8075)[pdf 1104KB](3695)
182 Diversity of Thermophilic Microorganisms on Fermented Leaves of Flue-cured Tobacco
2012年03期 [471-476][Abstract](7357)[pdf 1039KB](3650)
183 Recent Advances in Diversity of Symbiotic Microbes in Termite Gut and Termite Control Methods
赵凯, 常志威, 张小燕, 郝妍, 吴桐, 平文祥, 周东坡
2012年02期 [331-337][Abstract](9075)[pdf 809KB](4588)
184 Diversity of Virus-like Particles from High-temperature Acidic Hot Springs in Tengchong Rehai, China
党亚锋, 陈波, 张琦, 黄晓星, 魏云林, 林连兵
2012年02期 [256-261][Abstract](13573)[pdf 1722KB](4066)
185 Effect of Elevated Surface O3 Concentration on Soil Microbial Functional Diversity in Wheat Field
余永昌, 林先贵, 张晶, 李全胜, 朱建国
2012年02期 [309-314][Abstract](6664)[pdf 1020KB](3633)
186 Diversity of Soil Animal Community in Microhabitats of Alpine Coniferous Forest at Early Stage of Growing Season
夏磊, 张健, 杨万勤, 吴福忠
2012年02期 [303-308][Abstract](8034)[pdf 828KB](3743)
187 Bird Community Diversity of Nansha Mangrove Wetland in Guangzhou, China (2005~2010)
2012年01期 [30-34][Abstract](7599)[pdf 692KB](4675)
188 Comparison of Culture-dependent and -independent Approaches for Diversity Analysis of Soil Bacteria in the Rhizosphere of Sugarcane
2011年05期 [742-746][Abstract](7695)[pdf 717KB](3931)
189 Application of PCR-DGGE to Study Microbial Diversity During the Operating of Carrousel 2000 Oxidation Ditch
2011年05期 [727-730][Abstract](7676)[pdf 811KB](3901)
190 Advances in the Studies of Responses of Alpine Plants to Global Warming
2011年03期 [435-446][Abstract](9853)[pdf 819KB](4934)
191 Influence of Bacterial Quantitiy in Mycorrhizosphere on Species Diversity of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi in an Alpine Grassland on the Tibetan Plateau
2011年04期 [473-479][Abstract](7334)[pdf 1564KB](3547)
192 Phylogenetic Analysis of 18S rDNA Sequence of Mold from Luzhou-flavor Daqu
2011年03期 [334-337][Abstract](7847)[pdf 835KB](4101)
193 AFLP Analysis of Genetic Diversity and Population Structure of Huperzia serrata (Thunb. ex Murray) Trev. var. longipetiolata (Spring) H. M. Chang
2011年01期 [18-23][Abstract](8830)[pdf 701KB](3750)
194 Bacterial Community Structure in Intertidal Sediment in Xingang Area, Tianjin, China
2011年03期 [303-306][Abstract](7029)[pdf 1086KB](3705)
195 Analyzing the Effect of Mixed Decomposition of Conifer and Broadleaf Litters on Soil Microbial Communities by Using PCR-DGGE
2011年02期 [145-150][Abstract](8965)[pdf 1558KB](4112)
196 Comparison of Soil Bacterial Diversity in Rotation and Monocropping Soil in Tobacco Growing Area in Yuxi, Yunnan, China
贾志红, 易建华, 苏以荣, 曾军英
2011年02期 [162-168][Abstract](8421)[pdf 1117KB](3947)
197 Effects of Straw Mulching and Little- or Zero-tillage on Microbial Diversity and Biomass C and N of Alluvial Soil in Chengdu Plain, China
刘定辉, 舒丽, 陈强, 陈尚洪, 陈红琳, 朱钟麟
2011年02期 [158-161][Abstract](8227)[pdf 1086KB](3966)
198 Composition and Diversity of Fish Species in the Coast of the Yangtze River Estuary
2010年06期 [817-821][Abstract](8629)[pdf 762KB](3996)
199 Secondary Production of Macrobenthos in the Yangtze River Estuary ant Its Adjacent Waters
2010年05期 [667-671][Abstract](9172)[pdf 734KB](4012)
200 Microbial Diversity of Guantao-3 Member of Zhongyi Block, Gudao Oil Field in China
2010年03期 [415-419][Abstract](7627)[pdf 993KB](3775)
201 Diversity of Thermoacidophilic Sulfolobus in Hot Springs in Tengchong of Yunnan, China
2010年05期 [692-696][Abstract](8090)[pdf 775KB](4678)
202 Effect of Temperature and Rainfall on Composition and Diversity of Butterfly in Broad-Leaved Korean Pine Forest
2010年01期 [7-12][Abstract](6984)[pdf 711KB](3491)
203 Metagenomic Analysis of Microbes from Sucrose-enriched Environment and Cloning of Sucrose Hydrolase Genes
2010年03期 [403-407][Abstract](5440)[pdf 829KB](3707)
204 SSR Analysis on Genetic Diversity of Natural Populations of Pistacia chinensis Bunge
2010年06期 [803-806][Abstract](7104)[pdf 746KB](3986)
205 Characteristics of Soil Microbial Population of the Forest Land Irrigated with Salt Water in Drift Desert Hinterland
2009年02期 [192-196][Abstract](6901)[pdf 742KB](3744)
206 Phylogenetic Diversity of Rhizobial Bacteria Isolated from Astragalus sinicus
2010年03期 [380-384][Abstract](7947)[pdf 745KB](3580)
207 Community Structure and Biodiversity of Birds in Jiuzhaigou National Nature Reserve in Sichuan, China
2009年02期 [188-191][Abstract](7922)[pdf 569KB](4240)
208 Community Ecology of Benthic Ciliates in Futian Mangroves, Shenzhen, China
2010年03期 [363-368][Abstract](7729)[pdf 1109KB](4052)
209 Diversity of Plant Community of Giant Panda’s Habitat in the Wolong Nature Reserve Ⅴ: Species Diversity in Different Bamboo Forests
2009年02期 [180-187][Abstract](8944)[pdf 937KB](3779)
210 Effects of Cotton Varieties and Planting Areas on Soil Invertebrate Community Structures
2010年02期 [205-210][Abstract](7907)[pdf 949KB](3944)
211 Electricity Generation by and Microbial Diversity Analysis of Microbial Fuel Cell
付洁, 戚天胜, 蔡小波, 李科, 靳艳玲, 甘明哲, 赵海
2009年04期 [568-573][Abstract](5685)[pdf 1665KB](3563)
212 Autumn Diatom Variation in Lakes Along Altitude Gradient in the Jiuzhaigou National Park, Sichuan, China
2009年02期 [161-168][Abstract](8541)[pdf 895KB](4185)
213 Distribution Regularities of Species Diversity at Large Spatial Scale
2007年05期 [731-735][Abstract](4214)[pdf 100KB](3423)
1998年01期 [95-99][Abstract](6444)[pdf 162KB](5617)
谢锋1, 叶昌媛1, 费梁1, 江建平1, 曾晓茂1, 方盛国2
1997年04期 [328-332][Abstract](5892)[pdf 2398KB](2766)
贺达汉1, 郑哲民2
1997年01期 [6-12][Abstract](6292)[pdf 2576KB](2743)
高玉荣, 许木启
1996年02期 [175-183][Abstract](6518)[pdf 2789KB](2771)
218 Diversity of Rhizobial Strains Isolated from the Arid River Valleys in Panzhihua and Liangshan, Sichuan
胡清华,张小平,陈强,李登煜,陈文新,LINDSTROM K
2007年05期 [697-703][Abstract](4576)[pdf 100KB](3661)
219 Analysis of Microbial Community Structure in Coastal Wetland Soil of the Yellow River Delta
2007年05期 [691-696][Abstract](6594)[pdf 100KB](4334)
220 Dynamics of Zooplankton in Fishculturing Ponds with Water Circled by Integrated Verticalflow Constructed Wetland
2007年05期 [668-673][Abstract](4322)[pdf 100KB](3219)
221 Use of Biotic Community Structure as a Measure of Ecological Degradation
SANJIB Kumar Das1, et al.
2007年05期 [662-667][Abstract](4635)[pdf 100KB](3901)
222 Changes in Species Diversity of Parashorea Forest in the Past 20 Years in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan
2007年05期 [609-614][Abstract](5358)[pdf 100KB](3086)
223 Dynamics of Protozoa Diversity and Their Relationship with Performance of Activated Sludge System
2007年06期 [840-842][Abstract](5642)[pdf 100KB](3351)
224 Molecular Markers and Genetic Diversity of the Parents (Oreochromis aureus♂and O. niloticus♀) Reproducing Whole Male Hybrids
2007年06期 [830-833][Abstract](5348)[pdf 100KB](3073)
225 Characteristics of Plant Communities and Their Soil Fertilities in Dryhot Valley of Yuanjiang County, Yunnan, China
2007年06期 [782-787][Abstract](6657)[pdf 100KB](3373)
226 Application of Microbial Research in Evaluation of Soil Quality
2008年01期 [132-137][Abstract](6574)[pdf 100KB](3316)
227 Genetic Diversity of Rhizobia Isolated from Some Legumes in Sichuan, China
陈强,陈文新,张小平,李登煜,Lindstrom K
2008年01期 [83-089][Abstract](6237)[pdf 100KB](3228)
228 ISSR Analysis of Genetic Diversity of Jatropha curcas L.
2007年04期 [466-470][Abstract](6321)[pdf 100KB](3315)
229 Effect of Lindane on Common Species and Diversity of Arthropod in Canopy and Understory of Phyllostachys heterocycla cv. Pubescens Forest
2007年04期 [501-506][Abstract](4122)[pdf 100KB](2907)
230 Soil Nematode Diversity in Stipa grandis Community in the Mideast of Inner Mongolia
2007年03期 [333-337][Abstract](3688)[pdf 100KB](2956)
231 Analysis of Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA in 11 Actinidia Varieties
2007年02期 [172-175][Abstract](5111)[pdf 100KB](3040)
232 Effect of pH on Microbial Diversity and Product Distribution During Anaerobic Fermentation of Vegetable Waste
2007年02期 [238-242][Abstract](5384)[pdf 100KB](3614)
233 Analysis of Biofilm Microbial Community Structure Dynamics by ERICPCR Fingerprinting for Eutrophication Water Purification
2007年02期 [248-252][Abstract](5864)[pdf 100KB](3364)
234 Diversity and Phylogeny of Rhizobia Isolated From the Nodules of Broad Bean (Vicia faba L.) in China
2007年01期 [73-77][Abstract](5178)[pdf 100KB](3263)
235 Changes in Bacterial Community Structure During Preceding and Degraded Period of Cyanobacterial Bloom in a Bay of the Taihu Lake
2007年01期 [97-103][Abstract](4257)[pdf 100KB](3151)
236 Population Diversity and Community Structure of Bacteria on Biofilms in a Potable Water Pretreating Bioreactor
2007年01期 [104-107][Abstract](5432)[pdf 100KB](3433)
237 Plant Species Diversity in the Middle Part of the Taihang Mountain
2006年06期 [766-771][Abstract](4775)[pdf 100KB](3211)
238 Application and Optimization of TRFLP Method for Microbial Community Analysis
2006年06期 [861-868][Abstract](5982)[pdf 100KB](3436)
239 Progress of genetic diversity and phylogeny of rhizobia
2002年03期 [325-333][Abstract](5538)[pdf 100KB](2636)
240 Genetic Diversity of Bhordein in Hulless Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) from the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in China
2006年05期 [601-604][Abstract](4351)[pdf 100KB](3285)
241 Comparitive Study on Genetic Diversity of Rock Plant Pogonatherum paniceum Using ISSR and AFLP Markers
2006年05期 [605-608][Abstract](5217)[pdf 100KB](3158)
242 Genetic Diversity of Frankia Strains in Alnus nepalensis Nodules in Yunnan Revealed by repPCR
2006年05期 [623-627][Abstract](5050)[pdf 100KB](3349)
243 Molecular Evaluation of Pummelo Germplasms and Its Relatives Using SSR Markers
2006年05期 [628-634][Abstract](5462)[pdf 100KB](3334)
244 Canonical correlation analysis between species diversity in shrub layer and stand variables in overlogged forests in northeastern China
2002年04期 [346-350][Abstract](3842)[pdf 100KB](2660)
245 Species Diversity of Breeding Bird Communities at Different Elevations in Chongqing Section of the Three Gorges Reservoir Region
2006年04期 [537-542][Abstract](5508)[pdf 100KB](3437)
246 Scale Effects on Study of Forest Landscape Pattern
2006年03期 [304-307][Abstract](4126)[pdf 100KB](2786)
247 α Diversity of Four Native Herbs Communities in the Loess Plateau
2006年01期 [18-24][Abstract](4379)[pdf 100KB](3144)
248 Analysis of Community Structure in Chemical and Biological Flocculation Wastewater Treatment Process
2006年01期 [108-112][Abstract](5788)[pdf 100KB](3333)
249 Bird community and diversity in Shantou coastalwetland, Guangdong
2005年06期 [717-721][Abstract](4538)[pdf 100KB](3124)
250 Effect of pen aquaculture on community structure and species diversity of zoobenthos in Gehu Lake
2005年05期 [566-570][Abstract](5817)[pdf 100KB](3202)
251 Effects of gap size on regeneration of subalpine coniferous forests in northwest Yunnan
2002年05期 [453-459][Abstract](6221)[pdf 100KB](2944)
252 Population genetic structure of rice field eel (Monopterus albus) with RAPD markers
2005年03期 [328-332][Abstract](5112)[pdf 100KB](3199)
253 Application of molecular biological techniques in research of microbial diversity in animal intestines
2005年03期 [381-387][Abstract](4654)[pdf 100KB](3259)
254 Time structure and dynamic of insect communities in plum orchard
2005年02期 [187-191][Abstract](5376)[pdf 100KB](2928)
255 Invasive mechanism and biological control of alligatorweed, Alternanthera philoxeroides (Amaranthaceae), in China
2005年02期 [246-250][Abstract](6506)[pdf 100KB](3789)
256 Characteristics and species composition of main vegetation types on west slope of the Ailao Mountains in Yunnan
2005年01期 [1-7][Abstract](5608)[pdf 100KB](2995)
257 Density effects on tree growth and community structure of Chinese pine plantations in the upper reaches of the Min River, China
2005年01期 [8-13][Abstract](5623)[pdf 100KB](3332)
258 Effect of simplified agroforest system of Sichuan pepper (Zanthoxylum avicennia) on some ecological factors
2005年01期 [36-39][Abstract](5255)[pdf 100KB](3195)
259 Effects of enrofioxacin residue on number and community function diversity of soil microbes
2005年01期 [86-89][Abstract](4623)[pdf 100KB](3148)
260 Application of different DNA molecular markers in genetic diversity of Picea Dietr.
2004年06期 [803-810][Abstract](4637)[pdf 100KB](2827)
261 Perspective of molecular biological techniques applied in microbiological diversity and microbiological ecology
2004年06期 [826-830][Abstract](5691)[pdf 100KB](2986)
262 Application of quinone profile analysis for the characterization of microbial ecology in environment
2004年04期 [530-536][Abstract](6734)[pdf 100KB](3365)
263 A discussion to comparison of species diversity between different forest communities
2004年03期 [398-0][Abstract](5722)[pdf 100KB](2742)
264 Large benthic aquatic animals in caves along the Shouchang River and its adjacent areas
2004年02期 [180-183][Abstract](4631)[pdf 100KB](2893)
265 Relationship between species diversity and soil factors of evergreen broadleaved forest in Jinyun Mountain, Chongqing
2004年01期 [12-017][Abstract](5962)[pdf 100KB](2761)
266 Species diversity of mountain meadow of Lishan and the relation with the soil physico chemical properties
2004年01期 [18-022][Abstract](6782)[pdf 100KB](2953)
267 Tree species diversities of two forest communities in Yuanbao Mountain
2003年06期 [563-568][Abstract](3616)[pdf 100KB](2535)
268 Use of pH as fuzzy control parameter for nitrification in SBR process
2003年05期 [465-470][Abstract](5792)[pdf 100KB](2452)
269 Effects of exogenous supply of water and nitrogen on nitrate accumulation and potassium uptake of Spinach (Spinacia oleracea L. )
2003年05期 [525-529][Abstract](5403)[pdf 100KB](3000)
270 Types of evergreen broadleaved forests and their species diversity in Gutian Mountain National Nature Reserve
2003年04期 [341-345][Abstract](6008)[pdf 100KB](2854)
271 Artificial insemination of a giant panda with cooled semen: an effort to promote genetic diversity in a captive population
2001年06期 [558-562][Abstract](5507)[pdf 100KB](2651)
272 Analysis of diversities among strains of rhizobia in middle and eastern Inner Mongolia and effect of soil water gradient on their distribution
2003年04期 [391-394][Abstract](5786)[pdf 100KB](2680)
273 Species diversity and arbor population distribution pattern of Sabina przewalskii community in the forest-grassland ecotone in the watershed of upper Minjiang River
2003年03期 [221-225][Abstract](6002)[pdf 100KB](2895)