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1 Biomass and its distribution characteristics of Filipendula palmata under the canopy of mixed coniferous and broad leaved forest in Jiaohe, Jilin Province
孙越 何怀江 李良 姚杰 解蛰 王峰洁 夏富才
2016年06期 [1055-1062][Abstract](2699)[pdf 1292KB](1493)
2 Kin selection in Lolium multiflorum L.
李 洁1, 2, 3 孙 庚1** 吴 宁1 王 静4 胡 霞5
2016年06期 [1063-1068][Abstract](2973)[pdf 794KB](1465)
3 Effects of salt-alkaline stress on functional traits of Scirpus nipponicus seedlings
古勇波, 陈方圆, 白江珊, 娄彦景, 唐占辉
2020年01期 [10-16][Abstract](303)[pdf 2589KB](26)
4 Effects of cadmium pollution and acid rain on photosynthetic characteristics of Morus alba seedling sexes
毛晓瑜, 楼艳笑, 戴超, 俞飞, 梁君瑛, 吕志强
2020年01期 [117-124][Abstract](253)[pdf 836KB](20)
5 Trans-storage method of biomass and process regulating strategy for biogas utilization
任海伟, 赵泉霖, 刘 通, 甄 峰, 孙永明, 孔晓英, 李金平, 李志忠
2020年01期 [201-209][Abstract](301)[pdf 661KB](23)
6 Effects of root exudates of different carbon concentrations and sources on soil aggregate stability
2019年05期 [1061-1067][Abstract](574)[pdf 814KB](115)
7 Effects of simulated nitrogen deposition on nutrient absorption and growth of Curcuma wenyujin Y. H. Chen et. C. Ling
2019年05期 [1122-1132][Abstract](559)[pdf 959KB](78)
8 Application of recent modification methods and materials in microbial fuel cell anode electrodes
2019年04期 [999-1013][Abstract](1227)[pdf 18103KB](151)
9 Effects of different culture materials and selenium contents on the growth, reproduction, and tissue selenium enrichment of the earthworm Eisenia fetida
2019年04期 [885-891][Abstract](676)[pdf 803KB](100)
10 Degradation of lignocellulose by Termitomyces
2019年03期 [729-735][Abstract](801)[pdf 1316KB](141)
11 Seasonal variation in the root biomass of Pinus hwangshanensis along an altitudinal gradient in Wuyi mountain
杨福春, 郭炳桥, 孙俊, 范瑞瑞, 孙蒙柯, 陈晓萍, 郭英荣, 袁荣斌, 程林, 钟全林, 程栋梁
2017年06期 [1117-1121][Abstract](2703)[pdf 697KB](1207)
12 Morphological and physiological responses for neighbor identity in Sorghum vulgare
2017年05期 [800-805][Abstract](2711)[pdf 680KB](1026)
13 Effects of alder expansion on plant community composition and biomass in the peatland in the Da’xingan Mountain
2017年05期 [778-784][Abstract](2531)[pdf 778KB](1248)
14 Construction and screening of recombinant yeast producing pectin oligosaccharides
2017年04期 [678-684][Abstract](2998)[pdf 1098KB](1434)
15 Determination of antibiotic activity of myxobacteria and their correlation with environmental factors
2017年04期 [658-664][Abstract](3260)[pdf 749KB](1422)
16 Pond effluent purification by Nasturtium officinale R. Br. floating bed at low temperature
2017年03期 [420-426][Abstract](2762)[pdf 7133KB](1190)
17 Effects of plant and microbial biomass and enzyme activities on soil respiration in the preliminary stage after the Wenchuan earthquake
2019年02期 [215-224][Abstract](1502)[pdf 1490KB](270)
18 Seasonal dynamics model of Sueda glauca soil microbial biomass in the degenerated grassland in northeastern China
2001年06期 [588-592][Abstract](3178)[pdf 100KB](2051)
19 Effects of different arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on oil tolerance of Trifolium subterraneum L.
2002年06期 [648-652][Abstract](3304)[pdf 100KB](2280)
20 Growth, grain yield and kernel quality of highyield rice variety TeSanAi 2 growing in a simulated CO2enriched habitat
1998年03期 [238-242][Abstract](3727)[pdf 100KB](2396)
21 Progress in Ethanol Production with Lignocellulosic Biomass by Different Recombinant Strains
何明雄, 祝其丽, 潘科, 胡启春
2009年04期 [579-584][Abstract](6742)[pdf 1109KB](3582)
22 Changes in Community Biomass along Snow-melting Gradient in Alpine Meadow
2009年06期 [745-749][Abstract](8248)[pdf 865KB](3435)
23 Influence Factors of Soil Dissoluble Organic Matter (Carbon) in Forest Ecosystems: A Review
2009年03期 [390-398][Abstract](8730)[pdf 790KB](3794)
24 Distribution Characters of Schima superba Aboveground Biomass and Its Produdtivity
2009年03期 [318-322][Abstract](5334)[pdf 852KB](2989)
25 Characteristics of Biomass and Carbon Stock of Fir and Birch Fine Roots in Subalpine Forest of Western Sichuan, China
2009年03期 [313-317][Abstract](6536)[pdf 719KB](3075)
26 Changes in Soil Organic Carbon and Microbial Biomass Carbon at Different Degradation Successional Stages of Alpine Meadows in the Headwater Region of Three Rivers in China
2008年02期 [225-230][Abstract](5380)[pdf 100KB](2630)
27 Aboveground Biomass Allocation and Growth of Phragmites australis Ramets at Four Water Depths in the Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve, China
2008年02期 [153-157][Abstract](3600)[pdf 100KB](2609)
28 Effects of simulated water depth and nitrogen addition on functional traits of wetland plants in Sanjiang Plain*
白江珊1,2 陈方圆1,2 唐浩然1,2 娄彦景1**
2020年06期 [1-11][Abstract](186)[pdf 176KB](45)
29 Distribution of millipede (Diplopoda) and its influencing factors in the soils of typical forest ecosystems in Chengdu Longquan Mountain Urban Forest Park *
张萌1,2 冯毅3,4 伍小刚1 张兴华3 虞超3 周泓杨1,2 唐天文1,2 张凤英1,2 张林1 孙晓铭1 潘开文1**
2020年04期 [1-12][Abstract](425)[pdf 148KB](118)
30 Litter decomposition of alpine meadow under seasonal snow cover
周天阳, 王金牛, 杜文涛, 徐波, 周海燕, 谢雨, 吴彦
2019年01期 [1-8][Abstract](1537)[pdf 1449KB](419)
31 Effects of salinity stress on isoprene emission and photosynthetic parameters in Populus deltoides × Populus nigra
沈燕, 方升佐, 孙志鸿
2019年01期 [83-88][Abstract](1046)[pdf 844KB](298)
32 Response of winter wheat yield and soil microbial biomass to fertilization with ridge mulching-furrow planting in the dry highlands of the Loess Plateau
2018年04期 [805-812][Abstract](2011)[pdf 720KB](699)
33 Effects of bentonite and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on the growth and heavy metal accumulation of faba bean
2018年05期 [952-959][Abstract](1545)[pdf 857KB](640)
34 Seasonal dynamics of labile soil nitrogen from four plantations at the western edge of the Sichuan Basin
2018年04期 [744-750][Abstract](2097)[pdf 1514KB](1276)
35 Carbon storage and its allocation to different plantations in a coastal sandy area
2018年04期 [723-728][Abstract](1749)[pdf 574KB](663)
36 Plant height, leaf traits, and biomass allocation of three species at heterogeneous slope aspects along a transect in an alpine meadow
2018年03期 [425-433][Abstract](1982)[pdf 1137KB](1040)
37 Comparison of three culture methods for Cladophora oligoclona
2018年03期 [589-594][Abstract](1551)[pdf 751KB](822)
38 Effects of canopy gap size on understory species diversity and biomass in a Pinus massoniana plantation in western Sichuan
2018年02期 [214-220][Abstract](2473)[pdf 776KB](1127)
39 Soil C, N, P and microbial biomass properties of three dominant subalpine forests of western Sichuan, China*
2016年22卷04期 [606-611][Abstract](2531)[pdf 964KB](1749)
40 Effects of Wenchuan Earthquake on soil nutrient dynamics in forest*
2016年05期 [773-779][Abstract](3416)[pdf 881KB](1330)
41 Effects of fire disturbance on soil carbon and nitrogen pools in coastal sandy plantation forests*
2016年05期 [780-786][Abstract](2234)[pdf 821KB](1557)
42 The effect of nitrogen and phosphorus foliage spray on the growth of young free growing Machilus pauhoi plantations*
2016年05期 [831-838][Abstract](2206)[pdf 1040KB](1282)
43 Effects of simulated climate warming on soil microbial biomass carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus of alpine forest*
2016年22卷04期 [599-605][Abstract](3461)[pdf 1324KB](1516)
44 Patterns of biomass partitioning across alpine shrubs in the Three-river Source Region*
2016年22卷04期 [538-545][Abstract](1966)[pdf 1385KB](1293)
45 The effect of stand and climatic factors on the root–shoot allocation in Chinesenatural forest*
郭炳桥1, 3 钟全林1, 2, 3 马玉珠1 卢宏典1, 3 靳冰洁1 李 曼1, 3 郑 媛1, 3 程栋梁1, 2, 3**
2016年02期 [326-331][Abstract](3382)[pdf 1723KB](1616)
46 Soil microbial biomass properties under typical vegetation types in the Taiyue Mountain of China*
吴 然1 康峰峰1 韩海荣1** 程小琴1 韩秀丽2 周文嵩1 赵 敬1 纪文婧
2016年03期 [486-493][Abstract](3335)[pdf 1557KB](2039)
47 The biomass and nutrient distribution in Larix principis-ruppechtii Magyrplantations at different forest age*
纪文婧1 程小琴1 韩海荣1** 康峰峰1 杨 杰2 朱 江1 赵 敬1 白英辰1 马俊勇1
2016年02期 [277-284][Abstract](3752)[pdf 843KB](2442)
48 Effects of soil fauna on microbial biomass in decomposing litter under artificial masson pine (Pinus massoniana) forest gap
张明锦, 陈良华, 张健, 杨万勤, 李勋, 张艳, 刘华
2016年01期 [35-42][Abstract](4107)[pdf 825KB](2032)
49 Preliminary study on screening of cadmium hyperaccumulator duckweed strain and removal of cadmium in water
唐利萍, 方扬, 靳艳玲, 陈夏媛, 赵海
2015年05期 [830-836][Abstract](4866)[pdf 1594KB](2264)
50 Soil physi-chemical properties, biomass and nutrient contents of forest litter in mixed plantations of Eucalyptus grandis and three tree species
赵燕波, 纪托未, 张丹桔, 张健
2015年05期 [948-953][Abstract](3611)[pdf 1054KB](2718)
51 Root foraging ability of spruce (Picea asperata) in two growth stages
2015年03期 [547-554][Abstract](4109)[pdf 1398KB](1980)
52 Effects of simulated nitrogen deposition on soil respiration in a secondary evergreen broad-leaved forest on Wawushan Mountain
彭勇, 陈刚, 陈冠陶, 梁政, 涂利华
2015年04期 [733-739][Abstract](6101)[pdf 1316KB](2067)
53 Soil microbial biomass carbon and nitrogen along the glacial retreat sites of the Hailuogou Glacier
2015年03期 [512-516][Abstract](4179)[pdf 996KB](2491)
54 Above-ground biomass in Stipa breviflora desert grassland at different organizational scales
刘文亭, 卫智军, 吕世杰, 孙世贤, 代景忠, 闫宝龙
2015年05期 [912-918][Abstract](3546)[pdf 1302KB](2105)
55 Variation of vegetation index in response to climate change on the eastern slope of Changbai Mountain, Northeast China
于健, 刘琪璟, 徐倩倩, 罗春旺, 王红梅, 李俊清
2015年02期 [323-332][Abstract](5458)[pdf 1719KB](2456)
56 Compensatory growth and leaf N concentrations of Lolium perrnne in response to defoliation and light environment
王丽华, 付秀琴, 王金牛, 刘尉, 吴彦, 干友民
2015年02期 [287-294][Abstract](4405)[pdf 1256KB](2362)
57 Effects of light transmittance on plant growth and root ginsenoside content of Panax notoginseng
匡双便, 徐祥增, 孟珍贵, 张广辉, 杨生超, 陈中坚, 魏富刚, 陈军文
2015年02期 [279-286][Abstract](4981)[pdf 1301KB](2812)
58 Effects of fertilization on growth of 1-year-old Phoebe zhennan S. Lee and soil fertility
贺维, 张炜, 胡庭兴, 陈洪, 王茜, 罗杰
2015年01期 [129-138][Abstract](5403)[pdf 1826KB](2874)
59 Effects of ecological environment factors on soil microorganisms of Tricholoma matsutake shiro in Sichuan Province
李小林, 金鑫, 李强, 熊川, 郑林用
2015年01期 [164-169][Abstract](7476)[pdf 1033KB](3048)
60 Effects of light environments on the phenotypic plasticity of three shrubs in southern China grassland
周海燕, 王金牛, 付秀琴, 向双, 王彦星, 高景, 吴彦
2014年06期 [962-970][Abstract](5001)[pdf 1107KB](2720)
61 Phytotoxicity of thiourea application on soybean seedlings
王文, 杨波
2015年01期 [175-180][Abstract](4402)[pdf 1078KB](2805)
62 Plant community features of Carex moorcroftii steppe at different degradation degrees in the interior of Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau
肖玉, 陈米贵, 周杰, 郭正刚
2014年04期 [639-645][Abstract](5163)[pdf 1150KB](2432)
63 Effects of phosphogypsum and furfural residue on the growth of mycorrhizal seedlings of tomato on saline-alkali fields
崔向超, 胡君利, 林先贵, 杨劲松, 徐江兵, 王一明, 王俊华
2014年02期 [305-309][Abstract](3838)[pdf 1091KB](2275)
64 Effects of controlled burning and sun-shading net covering on soil microbial biomass carbon and nitrogen in a Pinus massoniana plantation
2014年02期 [261-267][Abstract](5204)[pdf 1393KB](2599)
65 Biomass Allocation Patterns and Allometric Models of Two Dominant Tree Species in Broad-leaved and Korean Pine Mixed Forest
2013年04期 [718-722][Abstract](4819)[pdf 1018KB](2812)
66 Effects of Simulated Nitrogen Deposition on Seedling Growth of Pinus tabulaeformis
2013年05期 [774-780][Abstract](5183)[pdf 2193KB](2477)
67 Effects of Tillage Mangement on Microbiological Characteristics Related to Transformation of Carbon, Nitrogen, and Phosphrous in Luvo-aquic Soil
2013年05期 [868-872][Abstract](4461)[pdf 823KB](2154)
68 Responses of Soil Microbial Biomass to Simulated Nitrogen Deposition in Pinus tabulaeformis Forests in the Taiyue Mountain of China
2013年04期 [605-610][Abstract](4022)[pdf 1410KB](2377)
69 Relationship of Soil Microbial Biomass Carbon and Nutrient Removal Rates in Constructed Wetlands
2013年01期 [113-118][Abstract](5830)[pdf 1039KB](3079)
70 Effects of Wildness Training Giant Pandas?Grazing and Artificial Harvesting on Clone Population Biomass of Umbrella Bamboo (Fargesia robusta)*
2012年01期 [1-8][Abstract](9723)[pdf 1352KB](3109)
71 Phytotoxicity of Atrazine Residue in Water to Lythrum salicaria
2011年06期 [814-818][Abstract](4537)[pdf 897KB](2415)
72 Coarse Woody Debris Biomass in a Monsoon Evergreen Broad-leaved Forest in the Dinghushan Nature Reserve, China
2011年05期 [750-752][Abstract](5375)[pdf 656KB](2310)
73 Optimization of Liquid Fermentation Conditions of Antrodia cinnamomea Producing Triterpenoid by Uniform Design
2011年06期 [901-906][Abstract](5183)[pdf 784KB](3163)
74 Effects of Water Stress on Growth and Total Saponin Content of Liriope muscari (Decne.) Bailey
2011年03期 [345-349][Abstract](4703)[pdf 771KB](2799)
75 Secondary Production of Macrobenthos in the Sanggou Bay, Shandong, China
2011年04期 [495-498][Abstract](5950)[pdf 619KB](2526)
76 Assessment of Constructed Wetland Plant Biomass for Energy Utilization
2011年04期 [527-531][Abstract](5973)[pdf 750KB](2923)
77 Effects of Straw Mulching and Little- or Zero-tillage on Microbial Diversity and Biomass C and N of Alluvial Soil in Chengdu Plain, China
刘定辉, 舒丽, 陈强, 陈尚洪, 陈红琳, 朱钟麟
2011年02期 [158-161][Abstract](6426)[pdf 1086KB](2898)
78 Effects of Freezing and Thawing Cycles on Microbial Biomass Nitrogen and Organic Nitrogen in Alpine Meadow Soil
2011年01期 [57-62][Abstract](4659)[pdf 727KB](2608)
79 Composition and Diversity of Fish Species in the Coast of the Yangtze River Estuary
2010年06期 [817-821][Abstract](6703)[pdf 762KB](3024)
80 Seasonal Variation of Phytoplankton Communities in Xiangang Reservoir, a Tropical Shallow and High-yield Fishery Reservoir in South China
2010年02期 [228-234][Abstract](6650)[pdf 1021KB](3210)
81 Effects of Broad-leaved Trees and Litter on Productivity and Soil Microbes of Chinese Fir Plantation
2010年02期 [168-172][Abstract](6057)[pdf 1251KB](2744)
82 Evaluating the Changes in Structure and Biomass of Three Common Forest-floor Mosses in Cutovers and Primary Spruce Forest in the Eastern Tibetan Plateau
包维楷, 雷波
2009年01期 [8-15][Abstract](6493)[pdf 850KB](2884)
许月蓉, 顾希贤
1995年04期 [398-402][Abstract](4298)[pdf 2415KB](1806)
84 Relationship Between Biodiversity and Aboveground Biomass in Alpine Meadow on Mt. Helan, China
2007年06期 [771-776][Abstract](4138)[pdf 100KB](2469)
85 Effect of Enclosing on Community Structure of Subalpine Meadow in Northwestern Sichuan, China
2007年06期 [767-770][Abstract](5082)[pdf 100KB](2845)
86 Application of Microbial Research in Evaluation of Soil Quality
2008年01期 [132-137][Abstract](5097)[pdf 100KB](2433)
87 Study on the injuries of Lemna paucicostata L. due to nonionic surfactant linear alkylethoxylate(AE)
2001年03期 [224-227][Abstract](4183)[pdf 100KB](2410)
88 Study of macrozoobenthos in saline-alkaline pondsz
2001年03期 [239-243][Abstract](3761)[pdf 100KB](2049)
89 Fine Root Biomass and Dynamics of Casuarina equisetifolia Plantations on Coastal Sandy Soil
2007年04期 [481-485][Abstract](3868)[pdf 100KB](2428)
90 Effect of Glucose and Sodium Chloride on Lactic Acid Production Integrated with Fishmeal Wastewater Treatment by Rhizopus oryzae
2007年04期 [579-582][Abstract](4058)[pdf 100KB](2414)
91 Dynamics of Soil Phosphorus in Differently Degraded Habitats of the Songnen Meadow
2006年06期 [777-782][Abstract](3131)[pdf 100KB](2362)
92 Relationship Between Quantitive Distribution of Benthic Polychaete Annelida and Environmental Factors in Jiaozhou Bay
2006年06期 [798-803][Abstract](4204)[pdf 100KB](2456)
93 Effect of Monospecies and Polyspecies Constructed Wetlands on Wastewater Purification and Plant Growth
2006年02期 [203-206][Abstract](3243)[pdf 100KB](2219)
94 Secondary p roduction ofmacrobenthos in southern Yellow Sea
2005年06期 [702-705][Abstract](3043)[pdf 100KB](2206)
95 Secondary production of macrobenthos from the East China Sea
2005年04期 [459-462][Abstract](3308)[pdf 100KB](2430)
96 Secondary production of macrobenthos from the anchovy spawning ground in the southern Yellow Sea
2005年03期 [324-327][Abstract](3486)[pdf 100KB](2385)
97 Effect of several elicitors on solid-state fermentation with Penicillium sp. PT95 for carotenoid production
2005年02期 [208-210][Abstract](3610)[pdf 100KB](2250)
98 Effect of bacterial manure on soil microbial biomass C and N under different moisture conditions
2004年06期 [790-793][Abstract](3648)[pdf 100KB](2140)
99 Application of quinone profile analysis for the characterization of microbial ecology in environment
2004年04期 [530-536][Abstract](5212)[pdf 100KB](2566)
100 Biomass distribution of the major plant communities in Jiuzhaigou Valley, Sichuan
2004年03期 [299-306][Abstract](3414)[pdf 100KB](2053)
101 Microbial biomass carbon and enzyme activities in the tested soil treated with Cd, Cu and Zn by simulated acid rain
2003年04期 [382-385][Abstract](5788)[pdf 100KB](2754)