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The seed rain of plant communities under different restoration methods in the drawdown zone of Xiangxi River and their temporal and spatial variations(PDF)

Chinese Journal of Applied & Environmental Biology[ISSN:1006-687X/CN:51-1482/Q]

2016 06
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The seed rain of plant communities under different restoration methods in the drawdown zone of Xiangxi River and their temporal and spatial variations
WU Yang2 CHEN Fangqing1 2** ZHANG Miao1 2 CHEN Shaohua2 LIU Kunhui2 & GAO Yipei2
1 Collaborative innovation Center for Geo-Hazards and Eco-Environment in Three Gorges Area, Hubei Province, Yichang 443002, China 2 International Research Center for Ecological Protection and Management in the Three Gorges Area, Yichang 443002, China
drawdown zone restoration method seed rain temporal and spatial dynamics similarity

Seed rain determines the regeneration potential and evolution of plant community to a certain extent. This research aimed to explore the characteristics and dynamics of composition, biodiversity and density of seed rain through germination experiments of samples collected from the artificial and natural restoration sites in the drawdown zone of the Xiangxi River. The results showed that restoration method had significant effects on the composition, biodiversity and temporal and spatial dynamics of seed rain. There were 29 species in seed rain on the artificial restoration sites and 36 species on the natural restoration sites. The seed rain was mainly composed of annual and perennial herbaceous species in both of the restoration sites. The species biodiversity index of the artificial restoration sites was lower than that of the natural restoration site, but its dominance index was higher than that of the natural restoration site. The biodiversity of seed rain was relatively higher during the early and late exposing periods of the drawdown zone, but lower during the medium exposing period. The biodiversity of seed rain on the middle and upper part of the drawdown zone was higher than that on the middle and lower part. The monthly average density of seed rain on the artificial restoration site was about 150.09 (± 34.118)/m2. peaking in July, but was about 138.72 (± 51.298)/m2 on the natural restoration site peaking in April. The average density of seed rain in all water levels was about 489.60 (± 31.195)/m2 in the artificial restoration site and 445.16 (± 49.974)/m2 in the natural restoration site, with the highest density at 165 m in both restoration sites. The two restoration sites had a high similarity index of species composition between plant community and seed rain, though that of the artificial restoration site was relatively higher than the natural restoration site. It is concluded that artificial restoration effectively increases the seed rain density of riparian plant community in the drawdown zone, and promotes the ecological restoration of riparian bank, especially the lower part of riparian bank that is difficult to restore. The riparian plant community would keep dominated by annual and perennial herbaceous species for long time under the influence of the reverse water-level fluctuation in the Three Gorges Reservoir area.


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