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Construction and Genetic Transformation of Arabidopsis thaliana Expression Vector of Wheat TaMyb2(PDF)

Chinese Journal of Applied & Environmental Biology[ISSN:1006-687X/CN:51-1482/Q]

2008 06
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Construction and Genetic Transformation of Arabidopsis thaliana Expression Vector of Wheat TaMyb2
WANG Aiping1 2 JING Ruilian2** YANG Wude1** & DONG Qi1
(1Agronomy College, Shanxi Agricultural University, Taigu 030801, Shanxi, China)
(2National Key Facility for Crop Gene Resources and Genetic Improvement / Key Laboratory of Crop Germplasm Resources and Utilization, Ministry of Agriculture / Institute of Crop Sciences, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing 100081, China)
TaMyb2-Ⅰ TaMyb2-Ⅱ Arabidopsis thaliana expression vector genetic transformation

Arabidopsis thaliana expression vectors pCHF3-35Sp-TaMyb2-Ⅰ-NOSter and pCHF3-35Sp-TaMyb2-Ⅱ-NOSter constructed by double restriction endonucleases and genes TaMyb2-Ⅰ, TaMyb2-Ⅱ were transformed into A. thaliana mediated by Agrobacterium GV3101 by infiltration. The results showed that TaMyb2-Ⅰ, TaMyb2-Ⅱ and expression vector pCHF3 were successfully digested by KpnⅠ and PstⅠ, and the lengths of target segments were 837 bp, 840 bp and 10.4 kb, respectively; pCHF3-35Sp-TaMyb2-Ⅰ-NOSter, pCHF3-35Sp-TaMyb2-Ⅱ-NOSter and the empty vector pCHF3 were transformed into Agrobacterium GV310l, respectively. The target segments 837 bp and 840 bp were amplified from Agrobacterium plasmid DNA, respectively. It showed that Agrobacterium was suitable for the next transformation experiment. T1 resistant plant was obtained from the 1/2 MS medium comprising Kan (50 mg/L) by screening the seeds (T0) of the transformed Arabidopsis plants. The transformation rate was about 0.1%. Fig 3, Ref 14 


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