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Characteristics of organic components in litter of several native trees at different phenological stages in the Rainy Area of West China(PDF)

Chinese Journal of Applied & Environmental Biology[ISSN:1006-687X/CN:51-1482/Q]

2019 01
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Characteristics of organic components in litter of several native trees at different phenological stages in the Rainy Area of West China
HE Cong1 REN Ying1 MAI Shuyuan1 YUAN Ji1 YOU Chengming1 WANG Xuxi2 & WU Fuzhong1**
1 Forestry Ecological Engineering in the Upper Reaches of Yangtze River Key Laboratory of Sichuan Provinve, Institute of Ecology and Forestry, Sichuan Agricultural University, Chengdu 611130, China 2 Land and Resources College, China West Normal University, Nanchong 637009, China
Rainy Area of West China native tree species falled organ phenological stage litter organic component

The characteristics of organic components in litter play important roles in litter decomposition and other material cycling processes in ecosystems, but the content of organic components in litter would be controlled by leaf phenological rhythms. Therefore, a field investigation was carried out to determine the characteristics of organic components in the litter of several native trees at different phenological stages in the Rainy Area of West China. The represented tree species (Camptotheca acuminata, Pterocarya stenoptera, Cupressus funebris, and Cryptomeria fortunei) with typical leaf phenological rhythms were selected, and litter, including leaf, twig, and fruit, was collected at different phenological stages such as leaf budding, leaf expanding, leaf maturing, and leaf falling. The water-soluble component (WSC), organic-solvent-soluble component (OSC), acid-soluble extractive (ASE), and acid-insoluble residue (AIR) content was analyzed in different fallen organs of different species at different phenological stages. The results showed that in the same tree species, the relative content of WSC of all organ litters continued to decline. The relative content of OSC increased at the leaf maturing stage but decreased at the leaf falling stage over the entire year. Few changes were observed in the content of ASE from litters under the different phenological stages, while the relative content of AIR increased. At the same time, the lignocellulose index (LCI) of leaf litter and twig litter showed increasing tendency, but the LCI of fruit litter continued to show a decreasing tendency over the entire year. For the same phenological stage, the relative content of WSC in the litter of C. acuminata was higher in comparison with that in other tree species, and the relative content of AIR was higher in conifer species than in broad-leaved species. Compared with other periods, higher relative content of WSC and OSC in leaf litter was detected at the leaf maturing stage, and higher relative content of OSC in twig litter was observed at the leaf maturing stage. The twig litter at the leaf budding and leaf maturing stages showed relatively high ASE content, but low AIR content and LCI. These results show that the key stages, species types, organ types, and their interactions significantly affected the relative content of WSC, OSC, ASE and AIR in litter, enriching our understanding of the characteristics of ecosystem carbon return.


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