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Maturity and microbial community structure dynamics during simulated windrow composting of solid fraction of dairy manure*(PDF)

Chinese Journal of Applied & Environmental Biology[ISSN:1006-687X/CN:51-1482/Q]

2016 03
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Maturity and microbial community structure dynamics during simulated windrow composting of solid fraction of dairy manure*
ZHANG Jing SUN Zhaoyong** ZHONG Xiaozhong HUANG Yulian TAN Li TANG Yueqin & KIDA Kenji
College of Architecture and Environment, Sichuan University, Chengdu 610065, China
Composting is an important technology for resource utilization of dairy manure. Composting with the solid fraction (SF) of manure slurry without adding bulking materials can reduce the processing volume and hereby reduce the composting cost. This is a par

Composting is an important technology for resource utilization of dairy manure. Composting with the solid fraction (SF) of manure slurry without adding bulking materials can reduce the processing volume and hereby reduce the composting cost. This is a particularly important technology for manure slurry management on intensive dairy farms. In this study, the feasibility of simulated windrow composting (non-aeration) of solid fraction of dairy manure without adding any bulking materials was evaluated in lab scale. Simulated windrow composting was conducted in a lab-scale reactor. During the composting process, turning was conducted once each 4 days at the first 4 weeks and thereafter once for every 10 days. The pile temperature, moisture, electrical conductivity, organic matter degradation efficiency, nitrification occurrence and germination index were investigated to evaluate the maturity and stability of material during the composing process. The microbial community dynamics was monitored by high-throughput sequencing. The simulated windrow composting lasted for 75 days. The pile temperature maintained above 50 °C up to 10 days and the moisture content decreased during the composting process. The pH increased at the first stage and then decreased to about 8.0. The organic matter degradation efficiency increased sharply during the first 30 days, and then increased gradually to 57.8% after 75 days of static composting. The C/N ratio first increased and then decreased to 9.75 after 30 days. NH4+ was not detected after 20 days and the NO3? content reached to 2208.8 mg/kg-dry matter in the end product. The final electrical conductivity and germination index was 2250.8 μS/cm and 120.4%, respectively. High-throughput sequencing results showed that the structure of microbial community changed significantly during the early stage, but kept stable at the later stage of composting process. NH4+ was oxidized to NO3? by ammonia-oxidizing bacterium Nitrosococcus and NO2?-oxidizing bacteria Nitrolancea and Nitrospira. The ratio of nitrification bacteria to total bacteria increased to >2% after 19 days. The results indicated that windrow composting is suitable for treating the solid fraction of dairy manure without adding bulking materials, and can achieve highly matured compost.


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