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Effects of ecological restoration on the sediment phosphorus form and thewater phosphorus concentration in a shallow lake*(PDF)

Chinese Journal of Applied & Environmental Biology[ISSN:1006-687X/CN:51-1482/Q]

2016 02
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Effects of ecological restoration on the sediment phosphorus form and thewater phosphorus concentration in a shallow lake*
MO Jiayong1 ZHONG Ping1 & LIU Zhengwen1 2**
1Department of Ecology and Institute of Hydrobiology, Jinan University, Guangzhou 510632, China2Nanjing Institute of Geography and Limnology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Nanjing 210008, China
shallow lake ecological restoration submerged plants phosphorus forms of sediment phosphorus concentrationimproving water quality
X524 : X171.4

Re-establishment of submerged plants is widely used in restoration of eutrophic shallow lakes, with water qualityvarying significantly, which may be related to sediment characteristics. This research aimed to study the effects of ecologicalrestoration on the sediment phosphorus form and the water phosphorus concentration in a shallow lake. The South Lake in JinanUniversity is a shallow eutrophic lake which was restored by recovering submerged plants after reducing external loading. Thisresearch selected sampling sites with different water quality and collected water and sediment samples. Sediment phosphoruswas analyzed using a sequential extraction scheme as six forms of NH4Cl-P (loosely sorbed phosphorus), Fe-P (iron boundphosphorus), Al-P (aluminum bound phosphorus), Bio-P (bioavailable phosphorus), Ca-P (calcium bound phosphorus) and Ref-P(refractory phosphorus). The results showed that sediments density was significantly higher in Site 2 which had more abundantsubmerged plants than Site 1. The Fe-P, Al-P and Ref-P content in sediments and P-MSP (Phosphorus Maximum SolubilizationPotential) were higher in Site 2 (4.87 mg/L) than in Site 1 (2.58 mg/L), whereas the phosphorous concentration of water waslower in Site 2 than in Site 1. The concentration of TP, PP, TDP and SRP in Site 1 was 1.29 times, 1.11 times, 1.17 times and 1.14times higher than in Site 2, respectively. These findings indicate that submerged plants can inhibit the release of phosphorus fromsediments and increase the phosphorus retention by sediments, and thus reduce phosphorus concentration in lake water.


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