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Medium optimization for β-glucosidase production from Penicillium sp. and preparation of soluble inducer*(PDF)

Chinese Journal of Applied & Environmental Biology[ISSN:1006-687X/CN:51-1482/Q]

2016 03
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Medium optimization for β-glucosidase production from Penicillium sp. and preparation of soluble inducer*
LI Yonghao1 ZHANG Xiaoyue1 ZHAO Xinqing2** & BAI Fengwu12
1School of Life Science and Biotechnology, Dalian University of Technology, Dalian 116024, China 2School of Life Science and Biotechnology, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai 200240, China
β-glucosidase Penicillium response surface optimization transglycosylation reaction soluble inducer sophorose cellulase
TQ353 : TQ925

Production of biofuels and bio-based chemicals from lignocellulosic materials have received worldwide attention. However, high cost cellulase production is one of the major bottlenecks for commercial production. Compared with insoluble cellulose materials, employment of soluble inducer could avoid the high mass transfer barrier in the bioreactor and difficulty in feeding. Therefore, development of efficient and low cost inducer is of great importance for low cost cellulase production. Low cost soluble inducer can be prepared by transglycosylation reaction using β-glucosidase. To achieve low cost and efficient β-glucosidase production, Penicillium sp. YH02 isolated by our lab was used as a producer strain, and wheat bran, barley grass and microcrystalline cellulose in the fermentation medium were further optimized for β-glucosidase production by response surface methodology. The β-glucosidase production was increased by 15.03% after optimization. Moreover, glucose-disaccharide mixture (GDM) was prepared using β-glucosidase produced by Penicillium sp. YH02, which was used as carbon source and inducer for cellulase production by Trichoderma reesei Rut C30. Filter Paper Activity (FPA) reached 1.12 IU/mL when GDM was supplied at the concentration of 10 g/L, which was 24.9 times higher compared with that using glucose. Sophorose, gentiobiose and cellobiose were detected in GDM analyzed by ion chromatography, among which sophorose is known as the most efficient soluble inducer for cellulase production of T. reesei. The results in this study benefit further development of low cost inducer for reducing the production cost of cellulase.


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