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Chinese Journal of Applied & Environmental Biology[ISSN:1006-687X/CN:51-1482/Q]

1998 Vol.04 No.2
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MA Keping QIAN Yingqian
Insti tute of Botany , A cad emia Sinica , Beijing 100093
biodiversity conser vation resear ch progress
Q14 + X17

Rapid growt h of human po pulation and increase of human activ ities hav e ex er ted great impactson biodiversity which refers to the totality of living or ganisms, the ecolog ical complex ity in w hicht hey occur and t he related ecolo gical processes. Biodiversit y benefits human welfare directly , as variousor ganisms are used to satisfy basic human needs, and indirectly, as diversity supports many processes essentialto human surviv al and progr ess. The reduction of the Earth. s biodiv ersity has emer ged as a public policy issue in the last couple of y ears. Growing concern on this planetar y problem has ed a increasein studies of the subject. The studies fall into 7 categ ories: ? Biodiv ersity survey, inventory andt he establishment of information system; ? Impacts of human dimensions on biodiversity; ? The roleof bio diversity in ecosystem funct ioning; ? Bio diversity long- term monitoring; ? mechanisms for biodiversitybeing endangered; ? Studies on g enetic diversity of domesticated plants and animals and theirw ild relatives; ? T echnolog ies and strateg ies for biodiversity conser vat ion. In accor dance with the concrete situation of China, 4 pr iorities for further research are proposed: ? Biodiversity sur vey, inventor yand monitoring; ? mechanisms for biodiversit y being endangered and related conservation strateg ies; ?T he role of biodiversit y in ecosystem functio ning; ? Studies on genetic diversity o f domesticated plants and animals and their w ild relatives.


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