For Authors

Inquiry before submission

Inquiry before submission is not necessary, but done if you have any questions about the journal itself and manuscript requirements by e-mail to

Submission of manuscript

After completing manuscript and before submitting it to this journal, you are required to read the "About the Journal" and make sure that the contents of your manuscript are corresponding with the publication range of the journal, are not involved in any state secrets, are innovative and obtained by your own, as well as are agreed by all the authors of the manuscript without imitation, plagiarism and multi-contribution; and agree that submitted manuscript needs to be edited by the Editorial Office and then included by any database together with this journal. You are also required to carefully revise and standardize the manuscript according to the "Paper Template" of this journal.

If you decide to contribute your manuscript to this journal, you are required to e-mail it to us ( If necessary, you are asked to provide original data and literatures.

In e-mail and manuscript, please provide detail contact address (including post code), e-mail address, telephone number and brief introduction of the first author and corresponding author, and provide some special information when you think necessary (for example, brief explanation of the importance and innovation of your research, with a series of published or to be published papers and recommendation by outstanding specialists). If your addresses are changed during the editing process, then you should inform your new addresses to the Editorial Office as soon as possible.

Initial review of manuscript

As soon as a manuscript is received, it will be numbered and listed in out database, and then initial review will be done to see if the manuscript's contents and academic level are suitable to the journal, data are reliable, and writing style and written language are acceptable. The initial review will result in: (1) Direct returning the manuscript, and (2) Acceptance for peer review.

Peer review by specialists

After the manuscript is accepted by the initial review, the Editorial Office will pass it to 2 or 3 specialists for peer reviewing in the same or similar field as the manuscript. The specialists are asked to comprehensively and fairly examine and review the manuscript, and provide their suggestions on improving the manuscript, which help you further examine and revise the manuscript. Besides, the specialists are required to send back their peer reviewing comments within a short period of time.

Final review of manuscript

After receiving the peer reviewing comments provided by specialists, we will soon decide whether the manuscript would be accepted or not. The decision is made based on the suggestions of the specialists and the requirements of this journal, and this decision may possibly differ from the specialists’ suggestion for some manuscripts. We promise that we will inform you whether your manuscript would be accepted or not within 3 months. However, for some reasons this decision may be made in a longer period of time. If so, you can consider contributing the manuscript to another journal or waiting for our notice. If you choose to wait, we will ask specialists to quicken the peer review or change specialists. Usually, there are 3 cases for the decision as follows:

(1) Returning the manuscript to you: Usually, we will inform you of the reasons, and advise you to change experimental ways or make further study, or submit the manuscript to another journal.

(2) Acceptance: Except that the very good or satisfactory manuscripts can be directly accepted, we will usually ask you to carefully and completely revise the manuscripts according to the suggestions and comments given by the specialists, and provide a detail list of answering the revising items provided by specialists one by one, and a list of your reasons for the revised items and unrevised items. After we receive the revised manuscript when it is accepted upon check, we will send the “Acceptance Notice” to you.

(3) Returning for revising: If the contents of a manuscript are accepted by this journal, and the manuscript contains great academic significance and innovative value, but it needs to improve its writing and expression or add some experimental data, we will return this manuscript to you for further examining and revising, and ask you to submit it again after revision. Whether this returned manuscript is accepted or not needs to be reviewed by the Editorial Office or peer reviewed again by specialists. Also, you are required to provide detail explanations for your examining and revising the manuscript.

Edition of manuscript

After a manuscript is finally accepted, we will decide its publication time based on its received time and accepted time. The manuscripts with fine results from peer reviewing, those with great academic significance, and those with great innovative value will give priority to publication. We will completely edit and compose the finally accepted manuscripts, correct all the questionable data and statements, and standardize the usages of special terms and language expressions, as well as tables, figures and plates, to make the manuscripts more readable and suitable to this journal’s style.

Check of manuscript

Those manuscripts with many unsure and changed items will be e-mail back to the first and corresponding authors listed on the manuscript for further examining. You should e-mail the examined manuscript and commends on the examination back to the Editorial Office within 3 days.

Correction method (1): Directly make corrections or changes on the composed PDF file; method (2): indicates that the corrections and changes made in which pages, paragraphs and lines; or other ways that can clearly show the corrections and changes.

The composed and corrected manuscript must be examined and finalized by the corresponding author, and then it can be e-mailed back to the Editorial Office.

After publication

After all the processes above and the final examination by the Editorial Office, the finalized manuscripts will be arranged for publication. After publication, all papers, letters and reviews will be put to network in PDF files for authors and readers to read and download freely. The Editorial Office will send some free copies of the journal and sample papers to you.

Working Process of the Editorial Office:

Receiving manuscript: Inputting data; Exchanging letters

Review: Initial review by editors; Peer review by specialists; Final review by (Associate) Editor-in-Chief

Edition & composition: Arrangement of manuscripts for the current issue; Edition of manuscripts; Composition of manuscripts

Examination & correction: Examination & Correction by authors; Examination & Correction by editors

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Putting all the published papers on website

Packing and posting journals & offprints