Excellent Articles Awarded by Chinese Journal of Applied & Environmental Biology

Lately, 10 articles, chosen from 186 articles published in 2007, Vol. 13 of Chinese Journal of Applied & Environmental Biology (short for Chin J Appl Environ Biol), were awarded as excellent articles in 2009 by editorial department of the Journal according to peer reviews and influence data of articles provided by related database.

The awarding is supported by Chengdu Institute of Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, the sponsoring organization of the Journal, and will annually proceed in order to encourage authors paying more attention to forward-looking and innovation of scientific research, improving academic quality and influence of articles, and to develop the Journal’s influences on communicating S & T achievements, widely spreading S & T knowledge and promoting S & T innovation and progress.

Chin J Appl Environ Biol was initiated in 1995 and became bimonthly from 1999, and now is a core and outstanding journal in China. The Journal publishes research articles, briefings, letters and reviews about new achievements, new technologies, new methods and new progresses in research fields of applied and environmental biology and related disciplines in China and abroad, such as sustainable development and utilization of natural resources, environmental protection and control, rehabilitation and reconstruction of degenerated ecosystems, as well as agriculture, forestry, animal farming, chemical industry, bioenergetics, light industry, food processing and etc.

The contributions are welcomed, and authors in China contribute online (http://www.cibj.com) and authors abroad by email to zhongsx@cib.ac.cn.

The excellent articles of Chin J Appl Environ Biol in 2009 are (* represents corresponding author):

RU Wenming, ZHANG Jintun*, et al. Population structure and pattern of endangered Ulmus lamellosa in Shanxi, China. Chin J Appl Environ Biol, 2007, 13 (1): 14-17

CHEN Yiyang, LIU He*, et al. Effect of 2-bromoethanesulfonate addition on acetate accumulation and variation of bacterial community in anaerobic fermentation of sludge. Chin J Appl Environ Biol, 2007, 13 (1): 108-111

ZHU Hongwei, LI Baoping*, et al. Relative competitive ability of Lolium perenne and the alien invasive weed, Eupatorium adenophorum (Compositae) at seedling stage. Chin J Appl Environ Biol, 2007, 13 (1): 29-32

HE Rongyu, LIU Xiaofeng*, et al. Enhancement of biogas production by dry fermentation with straws. Chin J Appl Environ Biol, 2007, 13 (4): 583-585

LI Jinpeng, SHANGGUAN Tieliang*, et al. Numerical taxonomy and ranking analysis on plant communities in south of the Lüliang Mountains, Shanxi, China. Chin J Appl Environ Biol, 2007, 13 (5): 615-615

DENG Renju, YANG WQ*, et al. Carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus storage in soil organic layer of the subalpine forests in western Sichuan. Chin J Appl Environ Biol, 2007, 13 (4): 492-496

LIN Yongming, WU Chengzhen*, et al. Interspecific association of major plants in Osmanthus fragrans secondary community and its response to mixing. Chin J Appl Environ Biol, 2007, 13 (3): 327-332

FAN Xiaojing, HU Fangping*, et al. Endophytic Bacillus subtilis strain BS-2 labeled with green fluorescent protein gene. Chin J Appl Environ Biol, 2007, 13 (4): 530-534

WANG Yanan, WANG Changyun*, et al. Recent progress and trend in biological production of hydrogen. Chin J Appl Environ Biol, 2007, 13 (6): 895-900

LIN Chaofeng, XUE Quanhong*, et al. Effect of vegetation degradation on soil nutrients and microflora in the Sanjiangyuan Region of Qinghai, China. Chin J Appl Environ Biol, 2007, 13 (6): 788-793