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About the Journal
Supervised by: Chinese Academy of Sciences
Sponsored by: Chengdu Institute of Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Editor-in-Chief: WU Ning
Published by: Science Press of China
Printed by: Chengdu Shutong Printing Co., Ltd., China
Distributed by: Chengdu Post Office
Ordered by: Post offices in China
Edited by: Editorial Board of Chin J Appl Environ Biol
The Chinese Journal of Applied and Environmental Biology is a scientific and technological journal published both at China and abroad. It was started in 1995 and became bimonthly in 1999, and now it is a core journal for applied and environmental biology in China.
Purposes: This journal aims to introduce and exchange the new achievements, new technologies, new methods and new progresses made from the research fields of biology and its related disciplines both in China and abroad; enhance scientific and technological research serving for the development and construction of economy, and improvement of peoples living standards.
Disciplines: This journal evolves in the research fields of biology and its related disciplines, such as sustainable development and utilization of natural resources, environmental protection and management, rehabilitation and reconstruction of degenerated ecosystems, as well as the researches of agriculture, forestry, animal farming, chemical industry, bioenergy, light industry, food processing and etc.
Contents: This journal publishes research papers, letters and reviews originated from the basic researches, applied basic researches, and applied researches in the fields of applied and environmental biology and related disciplines.
Readers: This journal serves for the scientific researchers and technicians, university teachers and students, and management staff of research institutions of biology and its related disciplines.
Be awarded:
⊙ The Excellent International Impact Academic Journal of China (2012)
⊙ The Core Academic Journal of China (2009)
⊙ The Outstanding S & T Journal of China (2008)
⊙ The first prize of the Jinli Award for the Chinese Journals ( 2006)
⊙ The Double Effective Chinese Journals (2002)
⊙ The Outstanding Journal of Sichuan (2000)
⊙ The First-class Academic Journal of Sichuan (1998)
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