• \Fluorescent in situ hybridization of granular slu
  • ASG enhancement and AnMBR performance via adding f
  • Schematic drawing for esearch history of AM fungi
  • Venn chart of microbial community above oilgas sit
  • Colony morphology of some myxobacteria strains
  • Microscopic observation of spores
  • Functional classification of A549 cell proteins...
  • Regulation of QS/QSI in algae-bacteria relationshi
  • Disintegration mechanism of aerobic granules with.
  • GUS histochemistry staining on transgenic rice
  • Procedures of gene-targeted microfluidic cultivati
  • Microbial community distribution (order level)
  • Phosphate accumulating bacterial isolates under OM
  • HRTEM micrographs of the bacteria containing Pb
  • Impact of gene ARO7 overexpression on S. cerevisia
  • 2Subcellular localization of sugarcane ScCPR450 pr
  • 3Potential distribution area of S. chinensis
  • 4Scanning electronic micrograph for Strain MS1-2
  • Possible pathway of reverse electron transport
  • 2Schematic diagram for the protein motif of GPDH g
  • The site of sampling
  • synthetic microbial communities
  • M icroscopy analysis of manganese oxides produced
  • Three-dimensional structure of eIF5A in species
  • Principle of strand displacement isothermal amplif
  • Caenorhabditis elegans
  • Scanning electron micrograph of TiO2 Nanoparticles
  • Dendrogram indicating  HLDs classification
  • Huangdao oil spill (from msn China)
  • Leymus chinensis steppe in Inner Mongolia
  • Germination of hull-less barley
  • Andrias davidianus
  • Subcellular localization of tomato SIZ1-like1 prot
  • SEM images of W1 incubated with SWCNTs for 20 h
  • Fruiting bodies of Amauroderma sp. GZ-01 strain
  • Photomicrograph of a section from the liver of Gro
  • F. oxysporum growing on the medium and scanning el
  • A ctivation of astrocytes and microglia in rat cer
  • Nuclear changes of K562 cells treated with sophoro
  • Schematic representation of the structure and func
  • Sinocalanus sinensis
  • Casuarina equisetifolia
  • The Tricholoma matsutake shiro in Xiaojin
  • Schematic representation of the structure and func
  • Schematic representation of applications of EABs
  • Mode structure of ANAMMOX bacterial cell
  • SEM observations of the bacteria growing on ...
  • the giant panda
  • Luehdorfia chinensis oviposition and newly hatched
  • Myocardial cell mitochondrial structure in rats af
  • Fritillaria unibracteata
  • Wolffia globosa
  • Leaf images with  and without dust
  • Snapshots of electron tomography models of anaerob
  • Model chart of Cr(Ⅵ) detoxification by Bt 407
  • Rangifer tarandus
  • racerunner
  • Production and fluorescent identification of recom
  • Aegiceras corniculatum
  • Spartina alterniflora
  • Rosa soulieana
  • Silencing effect resulting from expressing CHS-RNA
  • SEM images of the microstructure of PAOs granular
  • CLSM images of the granulation process: accumulati
  • Fungal spores of micrograph of strain S4
  • Huperzia serrata var. longipetiolata
  • Stem and flower of Dendrobium officinale
  • Lespedeza davurica L.
  • a case study in a subtropical grassland
  • Morphological photographs of strain Y9 on microsco
  • Morphological photographs of strain Y9 on SEM
  • Colony morphology of S. cerevisiae in the presence
  • Observation of GFPs in S. cerevisiae
  • Lycoperdon fuscum
  • Phlogiotis helvelloides
  • Lilium regale
  • Natural environment of Lilium regale
  • Granular sludge in the reactor R1 (× 1000)
  • Granular sludge in the reactor R2 (× 10000)
  • Leave surface of T. velutina after artificial trea
  • Leave surface of T. velutina before trichome remov
  • Selection pressure test of plant TS2 homologous ge
  • Cell labeling study of ERα-A1
  • Antimicrobial activity against Bacillus subtilis o
  • Uncertainty of spatial distribution of available p
  • Systems for removal of H2S (c) biotrickling filter
  • Effects of light quality on hypocotyl elongation o
  • Morphology of strain 5901 under SEM
  • Expression of XERICO gene increased tolerance to d
  • Different rice lines under high temperature
  • Curcusone C induced chromatin condensation and DNA
  • Curcusone C induced chromatin condensation and DNA
  • Growth status and CMC activity of recombinant stra
  • Multi-scale modeling in the cellulosome-1
  • Multi-scale modeling in the cellulosome-2
  • Structural changes in the combination of Phe after
  • Fluorescent detection of the recombinant strain
  • Some special functional bacterial community
  • Starch/polyethylene blends degraded by BBF1
  • Fluorescence microscopy of 316 stainless steel imm
  • SEM images of starch granules of cassava mash
  • Top view of plots in Picea schrenkiana var. tiansc
  • phylogenetic tree of WRKY genes among potato, Arab
  • Fluorescence of crystal violet and malachite green
  • Leaves of Sedum observed with optical light micros
  • Genera of Lemnaceae
  • Mycelium morphology of CAU521 on PYE
  • Three-dimensional structure of PEL
  • Photograph of colony on LB medium and microphologi
  • Crystal structures of oxygenase of hydrocarbon
  • Colonial morphologies of LAB after preliminary scr
  • SEM of C. hydrogenoformans biofilm
  • Distribution of major elements in rice organs
  • Large spindle virus similar to SSV particles
  • Giant panda ’Xiangxiang’ eating umbrella bamboo (p
  • Structure analysis of XP_001585508.1
  • The maximum sub-network module
  • 毛兰素诱导Huh7细胞凋亡
  • 拟态多齿马先蒿和无拟态刺齿马先蒿花性状
  • 拟态多齿马先蒿和无拟态刺齿马先蒿花性状
  • 荧光原位杂交合成Accumulibact
  • 麻疯树成熟胚乳增殖和分化步骤
  • 银莲花素A诱导H460细胞凋亡
  • 不同处理棉花挥发物的指纹图谱
  • 建模结构
  • LHIIα, β亚基跨膜立体图
  • 紫色光合细菌的光反应中心PSU
  • 拟南芥TAK蛋白激酶的结构预测与功能分析
  • Fish-MMAR 显微照片
  • 不同浓度EPS的3DEEM荧光光谱图
  • 颗粒污泥纵断面细菌(红色)和EPS(绿色)的分布
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